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Meditation: Pure, Simple, Direct

Welcome to Richard’s Annual Five-Day Kripalu Meditation Retreat


Kripalu Yoga Center, Lenox MA, US 01262
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  • Retreat

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Aug 21 to
Aug 26
21:30 pmto21:30 pm



6 nights Tuition $450 + R&B

Full Description

The retreat offers us the opportunity to dive deeply into awakening to our essential nature and authentic aliveness: that which is calling us above all other tendencies in our life. The retreat is our time to uncompromisingly open to this deep calling of life itself.

During our time together, we will engage in periods of extended meditation, BodySensing, BreathSensing, iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation, and intimate dialogue, all designed to support awakening as our innate non-separateness with all of life. The practices we engage evoke and support both spiritual awakening and psychological integration.
It’s rare that we set aside extended time, as we do during the retreat, supporting awakening to our fullest potential. Retreat, then, is Satsang, our time to gather together (sang) to engage in truth (sat), undistracted from what normally engages our attention.

While awakening and enlightenment are independent of technique or approach, a meditative inquiry is an undeniable portal that supports authentic realisation. The retreat is an invitation to open to what we truly are, that which can never be objectified, but which is undeniably our very presence of being and awareness.

The retreat is a time to put away what otherwise distracts us, and welcome the deep energies, which call us to be fully alive and authentic. With this in mind, please come with the intention to set aside your customary occupations with the computer, phone and other absorptions that would otherwise distract your attention for deep self-inquiry. Do bring with you a journal for recording your reflections, but plan on leaving behind what otherwise will take you away from the truly meeting, greeting and being with yourself during your time on retreat.

The emphasis for our time together is upon meditative self-inquiry and awakening. From morning breathing, meditation, body sensing and iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation sessions, to afternoon periods of meditation, self-inquiry and dialogue, each offering is designed to support and nourish inner stillness and self-realization at all levels of body, mind and spirit.
I look forward to our time together, sharing the deep stillness of being.