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Metaphysical ancient healing and wisdom seminars

The purpose for these 6 days workshops is the awakening of the physical senses through deep soul healing with holy ancient techniques.


Akamanthos Avenue, PO Box 66154, Latchi CY 8820

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Mar 10 to
Mar 15
10:00 amto14:00 pm


980 €

The price is for all 6 days seminars.
The price for accommodation is 110 Eur per person per day. The price includes:
- accommodation in Yogi Studio or Karma Apartment;
- 3 meals per day;
- free access to sauna and steam room;
- free access to tennis court and fitness area;
- free use of bikes;

Full Description

The approach is a connection of a sacred wisdom from The Masters Hilarion, Serapis Bey and Asclepius.
The connection in this Great Beings is coming to show us the plan of the Earth and we know that in two words is Awakening Healing.

1st Day: Asclepius Engimisis seminar 17:00 – 20:00 pm
2nd Day: 10:00 – 13:00 Attunement with the Higher self through Master Hilarion and at the afternoon 17:00 – 20:00 pm the Archetype Ank
3d and 4th Day Sacred Scarab through Master Serapis Bey 10:00 – 14:00,
5th and 6th Day The Art of Clairvoyance through Master Hilarion 16:00 – 21:00 pm.

1Asclepius Engimisis
The Hippocratic Oath begins mentioning Asclepius and Health. The doctors all over the world take an oath in these names. If we overcame dogmatism, we could say that Asclepius is a God-man, who had the most highly developed system of natural healing and really advanced knowledge on surgery. In Asclepian healing centres there were many healing activities for the patients one of which was the famous Abaton.
The Abaton was a dark place that metaphorically represented not only the dark aspects of the self but also the very illness.
In Hilarion Healing and Research Centre we approach the Asclepian methods and their benefits in order to achieve man's best possible healing and evolution.
Asclepian Egimisis is a different experience for each participant and therefore cannot be described thoroughly. What you need to know is that you are going to get in a state of deep relaxation that will lead to sleep. At that time the healing wil be achieved. Healing has many faces and dimensions, therefore everybody has something that needs to be healed or to be left behind.
In the day of the Asclepian Egimisis, it is strongly recommended that you have lunched, having only vegetarian food, at least 3 hours before the event. You should also be dressed comfortably.

Attunement with the Higher self through Master Hilarion
During this 3-hourAttunement with the Higher self healing seminar, given by Master Hilarion, we will approach the meaning of the term Higher Self, we will experience the energy and we will renew - reunite - reconnect our contact with our Higher Self through a very fast and effective technique. Apart from this technique, a Meditation with also be given along with details on how it affects us and how it works. In this Meditation under the guidance of Master Hilarion you transferred and connected to your Higher Self and the point of your soul in order to receive messages and whatever you need to continue the path of this incarnation. This may sound out of reality due to the fact that we find difficulty in conceiving and understanding our triple nature, so as to be able to talk about connecting and disconnecting to our Higher Self. Every time we experience an inner conflict, we disconnect from our divine intelligence, or our inner voice in other words. If the inner conflict is not healed, an illness may come to make us change our view of life etc. So the Reunion with our Higher Self leads to the ideal situation of the permanent contact with the wise that lies in ourselves, avoiding wrong choices and misfortunes.

Archetype Ank Seminar
The Symbol of the cross is an Archetype with different forms and symbolisms.
Going beyond religion the Egyptian Ank is a great tool of light path and awakening.
We will learn how to work with this Archetype and what excactly is the purpose of this symbol for the spiritual people.
In our Solar system, Stars are gates in to something different we know comper to our planet.
This Archetype will open to us a new safe path for wisdom and enlightment.

The Sacred Scarab
The Sacred Scarab is a transitional level for the World Servers that have completed the 1st level of Energy mental Healing (The 7 Rays and the Ascended Masters) to the 2nd level.
Master Serapis Bey prepares us by awakening our physical senses in a unique authentic way.
The target of this Seminar is to upgrade the perception and knowledge of the disciple regarding the function of the senses in a multidimensional way.
The practice and the techniques given are bound to transform and upgrade even some basic functions of the body.
If the key of immortality lies somewhere is in the mastering of the senses. The Sacred Scarab is a path from the unstable and vulnerable point of detachment to the point of the ascent to safe levels, heading steadily towards the Enlightenment.
The Egyptian nature of Serapis Bey reveals the mysteries and secrets to the chosen ones who have previously been tested for their stability and loyalty, service and inner catharsis.
Catharsis – mastering- awakening of senses Feelings and senses The 4 elements of breath Activation of senses in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension Sight- Clairvoyance Hearing- Clairaudience Olfaction- Clairolfaction Touch – Crair Touch Taste- neutralization Spiritual Energy nutrition The 7 Rays and the Purity of the senses Initiation of senses with the Sacred Scarab Purification- liberation from dependencies Universal fluids Exercises – practice Awakening of the 6th sense The Scepter of Serapis Portal of Earth and Heaven Astral Planetary Service of Liberation.

The Art of Clairvoyance through Master Hilarion
The Art of Clairvoyance ® is an experiential seminar that aims at awakening the clairvoyance ability of the trainee. Due to the nature of this seminar, previous knowledge and experience on energy, chakras, energy bodies etc. is desirable in order to assure that there will not be any difficulty during practice. We penetrate into the function of our physical body concerning the ability to see using our physical eyes (either open, or close), into metaphysical phenomena and intangible worlds. Regardless if our purpose is to go deeper into therapy, or just to make research this seminar aims at leading us to the true vision of things and is an antidote to what we call delusion, illusion and deception in our life and in our whole existence as well.

The curriculum is:
Theoretical analysis of the terms: Clairvoyance - initiation. Analysis of the types of clairvoyance Associated energy centres (chakras) Energising points Self-healing points for our preparation and preparation of our place Protection technique Practice, Exercises, Material for personal work Meditation Crystals and Clairvoyance.