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Metaphysics Workshop in Thailand

The Metaphysical Workshop; Meditation and Esoteric Teachings


Agama Yoga
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42/4 Moo 8, Koh Phangan Surat Thani, TH 84280

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  • Workshop

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Jun 27 to
Jul 2
12:30 pmto20:00 pm

*There will be a 1,5-hour break in the afternoon.



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Full Description

Many people today don't understand what spirituality is or the true nature of spiritual practice. Even some people who are doing spiritual work, Yoga for example, don't even understand why and what the real purpose of it is. Metaphysics is the forgotten element of spiritual life. It represents the vertical dimension of spirituality addressing the fate of the human soul. Within today's New Age environment, a fascination with occult science, magic, and Shamanism leads people horizontally through life without a genuine spiritual basis. Metaphysics leads us to a practice which defines our position in the Universe, why we are here. It is the main motivator in spiritual practice, without which there is no drive, and we miss the big picture.

The Metaphysical Workshop is a spiritual eye-opener, an excellent introduction to anyone who might be interested in anything spiritual. It is meant to be a motivator, to provide aspiration, to highlight the existential condition, to give a meaning to and ground for true spiritual practice. It can change your life, opening a new door in your world. The hope is that participants will gain the right motivation for spirituality, the basis to start a practice with the right understanding, and for the right cause.

What the Workshop Entails
The workshop includes observations on excerpts from some traditional texts, significant fragments of Yoga and metaphysics, which describe very clearly the fundamental issues for the human soul, those of existence, of life. Extensive commentary is given on issues such as reincarnation, parallel universes, evolution, liberation, slavery, karma, using practical examples and illustrations, such as simple methods of meditation, methods of Yoga, and all kinds of other spiritual techniques intended to create an opening, to demonstrate, and to teach. The workshop incorporates music meditation, voidness meditation from Tibetan Buddhist Yoga, asanas (Yoga postures), wisdom from Gnostic Christianity, teachings from Tantra Yoga, readings from Paramahansa Yogananda, and Swami Vivekananda's own materials.

This is an experimental, experiential introduction to spiritual practices. We invite you to join us for this inspiring workshop of spiritual discovery!