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Mindful Eating, Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Liz Frost

Frustrated with the cycle of eating too much then beating yourself up?
Do you eat pretty healthy food but still gain weight?
Do you eat so quickly you don’t really taste the food?
Do you eat food you don’t like to please someone else?
Perhaps you eat more than you intended?
Do you feel like you need to nap after eating?


5720 Forgets Road Wyebridge, Georgian Bay ON, CA L0K 2E0

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  • Retreat

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May 25 to
May 27
15:00 pmto13:00 pm



Full Description

Do you struggle with what you eat? or when? or why?

Most of us are blissfully unaware of the process of eating – or maybe not so blissful.

For most people the word diet means deprivation, frustration and suffering. The word diet really means a way of life. It doesn’t mean punishing yourself or starving.

95% of people who go on a prescribed diet to lose weight, gain the weight back and often gain more than what they initially lost. You don’t need to stay in that cycle of frustration. If 95% of people do it, there must be something else going on.

This weekend we’ll explore motivation to eat. Did you know that you make approximately 200 decisions a day that involve eating? The way you make those decisions will determine what, where & when you eat and who you eat with. This weekend we’ll explore the why. You will leave the retreat with greater awareness of the decisions you make and the motivation behind them. Learn how to slow down the process of eating so that you enjoy every meal from now on – even the dash in the car. Learn how to say no to the well-intentioned people in your life who seem to want you to eat more or eat differently.

Learn how to give your body the nutrients you need to feel great, have more energy, reduce stress on your digestive system, your mental system and your emotional system. Be radiant!

We’ll throw in some yoga for fun and explore the relationship we have with our bodies. No experience necessary. If you are breathing you can do yoga!

The weekend is a blend of group discussions, cooking classes, yoga, meditation, deep sleep and fun on the patio.
Come join us!