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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens

Empower your teen! This engaging, small group, interactive workshop will give teens an understanding of stress, its impacts and how to manage it. Mindfulness skills are valuable for a life time and research shows increases in focus and self confidence and decrease in anxiety and chronic pain.


The Healing Collective8057159
500 S. Sepulveda Suite 215, Manhattan Beach US

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Apr 8
16:00 pmto17:30 pm

Class meets for 90 minutes weekly for 8 weeks.
APRIL 3rd 7:00 The Healing Collective MB



Full Description

Summary of 8-Weekly Sessions:

WEEK 1 - Examining and defining the foundations of stress and a beginning to mindfulness
WEEK 2 - Exploring the effects of stress on the mind and body. Beginning a personal mindfulness practice.
WEEK 3 - Developing and strengthening mindful practice and learning to be aware of the present moment.
WEEK 4 - Cultivating self-care and beginning to Take in the Good. Facilitating Awareness of positive experiences and pleasant moments.
WEEK 5 - Noticing, working, and being with thoughts. Facilitating awareness of unpleasant moments and negative experiences.
WEEK 6 - Improving awareness through mindfulness. Utilizing positive coping strategies to manage daily life.
WEEK 7 - Cultivating mindful resilience and building mindful relationships.
WEEK 8 - MBSR-T program review. Assessing mindfulness based solutions. Making mindfulness a continuing part of daily living.


Holistic approach focusing on the whole person in mind and body; emotionally and physically.
Meet students where they are in terms of their developmental stage, using language and references that are culturally relevant.
Weekly “check-in’s” to foster group and instructor connection and cohesion
Concentration on helping teens gain insight into learning “mindful qualities,” or qualities of daily living such as non-judging, acceptance, respect, and gratitude.
Focus on noticing thoughts is a key to identify tendencies toward judgment and worry; leads to more positive coping strategies and a decrease in negative coping behaviors.

A sampling of teaching objectives:

Gain clarity around how stress is perceived
Improve sense of control in life.
Improve communication skills in relationships: peer and familial.
Enhance ability to recognize thoughts/feelings and the effects on actions.
Shift perspective around self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.
Gain skills to increase focus and attention in all of life’s situations.