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Monthly Yoga Workshops

Open to your whole body presence:
Hatha, Yin & Restorative Yoga explorations of:
Earth: Feet & Legs - Grounding into being here
Water: Hips & Pelvis - Let the river flow
Fire: Core & Belly - Tending the inner fire
Air: Chest & Heart - Breathing space
Space & Light: Neck & Head - Room for it all
Awareness ~ Whole body ~ Presence


Loudwater Fram, Loudwater Lane, Rickmansworth Hertfordshire, GB WD3 4HG

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  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



Mar 19
09:30 amto18:30 pm

Saturday 19 March
9:30am-12pm Hatha Yoga & Breath work
1pm - 3:30pm Yin Yoga & Meditation
4pm - 6:30pm Restorative Yoga & Relaxation



£80 for the whole day of practice (3 x 2.5h workshops) or £30 for individual workshop. Tea and fruits included but please bring your lunch with you.

Full Description

Welcome to our Monthly Yoga explorations of physical and subtle anatomy threads through the practice of Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. I encourage you to join us for the whole day of practice to experience the progressive unfolding of your experience but if you prefer to join the sessions separately thats also possible.

begin with a few whether any of those invitations resonate with where your yoga practice wants to take you

When our body and being are given the opportunity to connect, the impulse to move awakens. To push and yield against the ground which awakens more energy. We push against the earth in order to stand or to move and we rest upon the earth, nurtured by gravity, when we choose to be still and let go. Skill in life involves orchestrating those two forces, so we can find a balance and flow between effort and ease. Every yoga posture involves “pushing” and “yielding”

Within that dance, on the Hatha Yoga Workshop (Saturday 9:30am-12pm) we will engage in more active exploration, waking up and opening our bodies through sequences of standing positions, flow sequences and that will also include breath freeing practices.

And on the following Yin Yoga Workshop (Saturday 1pm - 3:30pm) slowly surrendering into each pose, lengthening further the whole myofascial groups of our body opening the legs and hips, spine and shoulders for the greater range of motions. The practice prepares our body and mind for sitting meditation in which we can stay more present (awake and relaxed) to more subtle currents of our experience.

Lying on the ground gives a tangible awareness of being held by a bigger reality - Earth. And in that experience of being in contact with that deep delicate solidity there is a possibility to soften the constant doing and trying. In that moment there is an opportunity to come into touch with the basic experience of living, without trying to change anything, just being…and then everything changes and unwinding into being begins, rivers begin to flow, direction emerge and the life begins to breath more freely (Restorative Yoga workshop, Saturday 4pm-6:30pm)

To reserve your place please contact me:
Halina Rozensztrauch
/> 07528122281
Note that places are limited so please reserve early to secure your place