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Give yourself one month and I will teach you an indispensable skill for life. If you want to succeed in life you have to control yourself. is called the Autonomic nervous system, but what If I tell you that you can turn it into manual.
But then you have to know how to drive it.
I can teach you.



Grootzeil, Amsterdam NL

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Sep 1 to
Oct 1
11:00 amto11:00 am

I will teach you how to make your autonomic nervous system manual. I will show you where are the body's acceleration brake pedals. I will show you how to drive your body-mind vehicle.


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Although I say it is created for beginners, don't underestimate the power of the teachings and the techniques. Everything that I will show you it's coming out straight from the most hardcore monasteries and ashrams and from the most hardcore sages of all time so these things are not for the faint-hearted.

You will pay 100 euros for the one month course and we'll need to see each other 3 times a week, for 90 minutes, plus-minus. IF you can't come then for me, it shows that you are not committed enough and you will lose your 100 euros and you will need to start over the course, if you wish. But IF you finish the course by showing up every week, doing the practices home, showing your involvement and commitment at the end of the month I will give you back the 100 euro, and you will remain with the money and also with the teaching and the technique. (of course, if you feel like it was transformational you can always donate it, the full amount or at least a part of it)
I'm doing this cause I don't wanna waste my time and I don't wanna waste your time either. If it's free you will take it for granted. The techniques I'm about to show you are genuine tools for mind-body-soul transformations tested for millennia that will mature your consciousness. This is not just a relaxation technique, this is not philosophy or stress management. If you do this, your life will change.

If you have heart problems, if you have psychological issues or imbalances or any medical issues please do not come. I am not willing to take the responsibility for your physical or mental health. I will not be your guru, I will be just a guy, teaching you a skill and that's all.

I want professional psychonauts, young philosophers, scientists willing to test in their mind laboratories and die heart Truthseekers.
For those people, I'm here happily waiting to get in contact with you.