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Myth & Asana: Embodied Teachings


927 Main Street, Louisville CO, US 80027
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Oct 5
19:00 pmto21:00 pm

Every other month
First session meets Wednesday October 5, 7-9
$30; register by 9/15 and save $5

Oct 5th Session: Bakasana (Crane Pose)



Full Description

"Yoga is mythic. It is a reflection of the cosmic forces that are timeless and universal in nature-creation, continuity, and dissolution-which are embodied in yoga as asanas and mudras."
-Shiva Rea

Ever wonder why yoga postures (asanas) have such interesting names? Beyond the ancient language, Sanskrit, each asana is named after Gods & Goddess, Animals & Earth, Yogis & Yoginis, and Sages. This was done so that the yogic practitioner could contemplate and embody the story and lesson of each mythic figure and creature. In doing so, the yogi could come to understand the workings of the world, and cultivate qualities such as compassion, loving-kindness, courage, and humility. Myth provides a window into the emotional and spiritual potential of each individual.

Dive in with Amanda E-RYT, YACEP and learn the stories behind the names of the asanas. Delight in the journey of Hanuman the Monkey God. Contemplate the perception of cobra in Bhujangasana. Find bliss with the Lord of Dance in Natarajasana. Fly with Garuda as you embody Eagle (Garudasana). The yogic myths find life and expression through the embodiment of each asana. When we practice yoga asana we are initiating a deeper conversation with the world.

Each Myth & Asana workshop will pair storytelling with a playful, all levels yoga class that will include mudra (hand gestures), mantra (recitation of sound), and sometimes fun, artistic expression.

Amanda is a passionate teacher, writer & poet, soul-centered nature-psyche guide, death doula, horsewoman and advocate for the Other-than-human world. To learn more about her work, visit