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Nataraja Yoga Satsang

Satsang is the essence of yogic and spiritual life. The word Sat means ' truth' and sang means 'association'. Therefore, Satsang means' association with truth', or 'association with those who are following the path of truth'. It also means a place where seekers of truth meet in the presence of Masters.


Oct 7 to
Oct 16
12:00 pmto14:00 pm



Full Description

The Nataraja Bali Yoga Satsang will bring together traditional Yoga practices with Kirtan, Meditation, and Healing/Spiritual Development. In combining them, we create a harmonious blend and space where each part accents the other, allowing for a collective and heightened whole.

During the 10 days, satsang with our Gurus and Masters as they carry out teachings that have been carefully customized for this purpose. They will provide and teach a wide range of practical techniques, approaches and insights to guide you through your journey. Our Gurus and Masters come from various traditional yoga lineages in India, as well as the International Yoga School, and possess vast knowledge that all participants can freely and widely benefit from.