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New Moon Nourishment and Relaxation

Join others, learn how to make nourishing nectar - GHEE. Relax in a guided practice designed to release tension and stress.


1049 Stearns Ave, Boulder CO, US 80303

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  • Community Event

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Oct 3
19:00 pmto21:00 pm

This event happens every month, on or around the new moon. Bring a pound of high quality, organic, UNSALTED butter.



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New Moon Nourishment – GHEE making and Guided Somatic Relaxation
This event happens every month, sometime near the New Moon. Gather with others, learn how to make Ghee, and spend an hour relaxing in the practice of Yoga Nidra.
Bring a pound of organic, UNSALTED butter and a clean jar to take Ghee home with you. Bring a yoga mat, or use one in the studio, and plan to rest in Shavasana as I guide you through somatic relaxation.

From an article by By Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa. Ghee, or clarified butter, has the healing benefits of butter without the impurities (saturated fat, milk solids). Ayurvedic practitioners claim ghee is beneficial for the whole body, and recommend it for issues within and without the body, including problems with joint stiffness and inflammation. Ghee lubricates the connective tissues and promotes flexibility, says Dr. Vasant Lad, director of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Traditionally, the preparation has been used to promote memory, intelligence, quantity and quality of semen, and to enhance digestion. Modern science tells us that ghee also harbors phenolic antioxidants, which bolster the immune system.

You'll find ghee at the health food store, but it's easy to make. Place 1 to 2 pounds of butter in a saucepan on low heat. Melt until white curds separate and sink to the bottom. When a drop of water flicked into the pan boils immediately, the ghee is done. Discard the curds and store in a jar. If kept out of contact with water, ghee needs no refrigeration. Take 2 teaspoons per day as a supplement, or simply use ghee in your cooking. Just remember that ghee is fat, and only a certain amount of total fat is necessary in the diet. If you use ghee, reduce your total fat intake proportionately.
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