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New Year Yoga Retreat

We are inviting you to take some quality time out, at what can be the busiest time of year for lots of people. Come and join us for a different take on New Year's Eve, in stunning natural surroundings for a truly tranquil start to us nurtured, nourished, revitalised and ready for the best year of your life!
Sleeping in cosy bell tents with solar power our off-grid site gives you the chance to get in touch with nature and truly disconnect from the stresses of day to day life.


Rustic Retreats Yoga
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Appt. De Correous 277, Totana Murcia, ES 30850

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  • Retreat

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Dec 28 to
Jan 4
2015 - 2016
12:00 pmto12:00 pm



Includes your accommodation up to 3 hours yoga, mediation daily, workshops, 3 meals daily, unlimited juices, teas & fruit. ( not included flights and transfer)

Full Description

Your teacher: Leonie Dunlop

Namaste yogis and yoginis. My name is Leonie and I am delighted to be facilitating the new year retreat at Bagend this Dec/Jan.
If you would like to begin 2016 super relaxed, balanced, revitalised, toned and with a serenity that allows you to be ready for anything, please come and join us!

My yoga journey began over 15 years ago and right from the beginning it offered me access to levels of peace inside me that I never remembered having experienced before. I have been a regular practitioner ever since and tried many different styles, learning a lot from each one.

Already working as a holistic massage therapist, in 2002 I trained and qualified as a reflexologist and then I trained for 2 years with Phil Parker (inventor of the lightening process) in London to become a master practitioner of hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching.

I have completed yoga teacher training in India and Spain. I love teaching as I have a great interest in healing and transformation and am deeply inspired by the possibilities of empowering people to heal themselves through yoga.
My preferred style is a fusion of traditional Hatha yoga and the Pure yoga of Swami Purohit. In my classes you can expect plenty of stimulating and opening movement, followed by deep relaxation, powerful pranayama breathing exercises and access to deeper levels of consciousness inside you.
I have an interest in all yoga paths and as well as benefitting massively from all the styles I have explored, regularly attend satsang (association with truth) and Bhakti group meetings. I am also a mum and nan and student of life. In truth, I love all aspects of yoga and intend to continue practice until the day I leave this planet.

Your Rustic Reteats journey:

The week will be a profound, internal journey from wherever you are when you arrive into deeper and deeper states of awareness and a better understanding of our true selves. We will be using the ancient wisdom of regular asana, pranayama, pratyahara and meditation practice we will stimulate and revive our energetic body, including chakras, vayus and nadis. Drawing our attention deeply inside, we will encourage this movement and the gradual release of any blockages that could have led to dis ease, leaving us more and more free to express the purest potential of who we really are. This process has endless physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits and strengthens our soul connection.
We will practice a fusion of traditional hatha yoga, as originally taught by Lord Siva and Pure yoga, as taught by Swami Purohit - simple asanas to balance body, mind and soul. Swamiji Purohit is a true master of yoga and meditation from the Giri line of traditional Himalayan yogis, whose powerful teachings have transformed my yoga practice and my life.
Together we will look to develop a deeper understanding of the four main paths of Karma, Jnana, Raja and Bhakti yoga; their power and how we can integrate it into our daily lives.

We will powerfully choose which elements of our personalities and lives we wish to carry forward and create in the new year and which we are ready to let go of. All of this will be done with joy and lightness in the stunning natural surroundings of Bagend.

Sample daily schedule

08.00 Yoga and meditation/pranayama practice
09.30 - 10.15 Breakfast buffet
14.30 to 17.00 workshop will between these hours
17.00 to 18.30 Yoga
18.30 19.00 yoga and meditation
20.30 Evening meal pool side or in the house by a log fire

We also take a hike across the mountains on market day to sample the local tapas and explore the 10th century village of Aledo, taking in the stunning views from the top of the mountain. Each day will have at least one workshop (often two) and all of the workshops and yoga is optional so you can do as much or as little as you choose.

Your workshop programme for the week:

Looking at the traditional Hatha yoga purification kriyas of Neti, nauli, tratak and kapalabhati.

These simple and effective processes powerfully activate the elimination ability of our whole system, cleansing the body to restore its natural radiance and leaving the mind clear. They also activate the ajna (3rd eye) chakra, strengthening concentration, intuition and spiritual awareness. You will be given your own Neti pot to perform Jal neti and encouraged to continue with this practice regularly throughout the week to help create a peaceful internal environment in which meditation can happen easily and naturally.

Exploration of the 5 elements and how they correspond with each chakra.

We will explore together the concepts of the 5 elements, how they correspond with each chakra to create our reality and which mudra (energetically stimulating hand position) and manta (sound vibration) can be used to activate each one. This knowledge enhances awareness of the chakra system and makes it easier to identify imbalances and promote self healing.

Therapeutic massage workshop - Exploring the power of touch.

An introductory workshop to develop an understanding of some simple massage techniques and when and where to apply them therapeutically. We will all have a chance to experience the giving and receiving of these gifts to enjoy, increase body awareness and aid the release of tension.

Osho Kundalini meditation

We will follow Osho’s well developed, step by step, movement to music process to awaken and enliven our energetic system. In many cases, due to unnatural living and particularly the repression of emotions, this system is not functioning as well as it could. This active meditation is a powerful wake up call, preparing us to live our truest potential into the new year.

New year’s eve abundance workshop and fire ceremony

In this workshop we will contemplate 2015 and decide which behaviours no longer serve us that we choose to transform as we move into the new year, using the powerful metaphor of a fire ceremony to confirm their release.
There is the invitation to create a vision board - making a collage of empowering, significant words and pictures that can be arranged on a board and put in a prominent place at home where you will see it often. Each time you reflect on it you will be reminding all areas of your consciousness what you choose to create now, in alignment with you destiny.

Meeting the inner child workshop.

In this session we will use guided meditation to meet and welcome our inner child, just as he or she is. This attention and acceptance is usually very welcome and builds a bridge of understanding for any unhealed aspects of our character that appear to be stuck in time to evolve and be integrated back into our present being. This process frees up trapped energy in the body/mind system, creating wholeness and peace.

Discussion of the four main yoga paths as described in The Bhagavad Gita

Karma yoga - Is expectation the cause of all suffering? We will explore how the giving up of expectation can leave space for peace and acceptance of what is.
Jnana yoga - ' Who am I?' a question rarely asked in the western world, which leads directly to the soul and the source of all creation. We will touch on the teachings of great sages as an access point into the nature of the true self.
Raja yoga - 'The royal path of light and fire' summarized by Patanjali’s 8 fold ashtanga yoga process in the yoga sutras, begginng with behavioral observances, through physical discipline and eventually realising samadhi ( total absorption in an object of meditation)
Bhakti yoga - Surrender to God (God as the self or centre of all creation)
We will briefly contemplate all four paths, how they all lead to the same place, interrelate and complement each other.
It would be great if we also have space for a short and simple mantra meditation to music (to join in in you like)

The divine light I

I am expecting by this stage of the retreat we will all be wide open and ready to get maximum benefit from this special practice. Using physical movement and creative visualisation as our launch pad we will recharge every cell of our body with light and realise a deeper understanding of this as our essential nature. I have found this process very powerful and hope you will enjoy it too.

I imagine that if you have read on this far that we have a good chance of meeting up after xmas and hoping that we will have lots of fun together.