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Nidrâ Yoga

What is Nidrâ yoga ?
Dream yoga and conscious sleep, Nidrâ Yoga is rooted in the traditions of Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta, both dating to several thousand years.


Lago de Atitlán, Tzununá GT 07014

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  • Retreat

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Nov 16 to
Nov 19
17:00 pmto07:00 am



Full Description

Nidrâ Yoga Vishnuennidra It presents the organization of the human being in the form of five degrees it will be to discover, study and know intimately to establish themselves in a state of consciousness where more lies no trace of separation, conflict and suffering.
Le Premier

Jagrat, is the waking state in which the individual loses consciousness of its true nature by identifying with the body, in the form and name.

Le Second

Swapna is the dream state in which the identification is based on the impressions and the mental images which are the result of the memories accumulated during the waking state. Again, the individual remains unaware of his true nature.

Le Troisième

Sushupti, is the state of sleep without dreams in which the person no longer aware of anything. It is a state of absence.

Le Quatrième

Turya whose proceed the first three, and which can be discovered through the Nidra Yoga. It is the state in which the true nature of the individual’s identity without objects is perceived, generally in a rapid and unpredictable way.

This is what the yoga tradition called Samadhi or natural state of universal consciousness.

Le Cinquième

Turyatita, which is the permanent establishment in that consciousness without objects, is the result of the repetition of multiple incursions in the state of Turya, totally autonomous and independent of personal will.

Nidrâ Yoga proposal is to travel in complete lucidity that journey going from oblivion to self-presence. It is situated in a gradual approach to awareness of all processes holding the sensation of being alive. Very paradoxically, this awareness can only be imposed in a state of deep “letting go.”

The practice of Nidrâ Yoga consists of a range of highly codified exercises to visit the various functions that organize the human being.

It relies on two fundamental approaches that are very deep conscious relaxation and penetrating concentration without tension.

Many exercises are used, encouraging and enabling:

Deep relaxation of the body anatomical, physiological, bone and nervous,
Mental relaxation and recognition of patterns of organization of thought,
Aware of the different types of dreams and energies which they proceed,
Relation to the archetypes and their influences on the dream and waking,
Perception and development of the energy body,
Using mental imagery to expand the powers of perception,
Development of sensory faculties,
Dosing will and mental silence,
Relationship to death.