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Nutrition, Food and Yoga for LIFE

This workshop is a great opportunity to learn how to use tools that will be useful for a life-long journey of self-discovery and wellness!
Learn to practice Pranayama (breath-work), asana (yogic postures), and cook healthy recipes to help reduce stress and increase your energy throughout each day.


55/20-24 Moo 4, Tambon Namuang,, Koh Samui Surathani, TH 84140

Type of Event

  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



Jun 11 to
Jun 18
12:00 pmto12:00 pm

The program begins at 5pm on the first day of the retreat with a group welcome and departure is at 12pm on the last day.
The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher.



Full yoga and fitness program
Fully equipped accommodation with AC
Full brunch and dinner buffets
Mineral drinking water
Herbal steam room
Salt water swimming pool
Wi Fi internet
Service charge
VAT government tax

Full Description

Learn about healing diets and proper nutrition, and the enormous impact that a healthy diet can have on your energy levels and in your daily life.

Learn how to prepare healthy, healing foods such as sprouts, live yogurt, kombucha, healthy dips, nut milks, whole grain and gluten-free bread, delicious-nutritious desserts, your own herbal teas, and much more.

Each part of the retreat is designed to enhance your well-being and life enjoyment, please read below for a more detailed description.


Prana-yama means extension of the breath – or extension of the life force energy. Learning to control your breath is one of the best ways you can learn to calm the body and mind, helping to bring your system from sympathetic (“fit or flight”) to parasympathetic (“rest and digest”).

We will teach you some very basic breathing exercises that you can do anywhere, at any time, when you need to de-stress and calm yourself.

You will also learn yogic kriyas, or preparatory exercises, for pranayama, as well as some classical pranayama techniques.

These practices you will be able to take away with you in order to form your own at-home personal practice, which is a fulfilling part of the yoga journey.

At Samahita, we teach pranayama in the Kaivalyadhama tradition, through the lineage of our teachers, Sri Tiwariji and Paul Dallaghan.

Ashtanga-based Yoga

At Samahita, we teach yoga asana (yoga postures) from the Ashtanga yoga tradition in the style of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. We welcome beginners as well as advanced practitioners and everyone in between.

The sequence that we will present to the class will likely adhere closely to the traditional Primary Series sequence, and will also include modification options for those who have challenges, injuries, or are new to the practice.

The first few days of the retreat will include guided classes in order to get all the practitioners “on the same page” – with the idea of moving the class towards a Mysore-style self practice towards the end of the week.

This is a wonderful outcome to the retreat, because when you have your own practice to take home with you, you can do it anywhere, at any time, whether you have access to outside classes and teachers or not – this is truly the way to grow in your own self-awareness and self practice.

Cooking Classes

We want you to know that we will have so much fun in the cooking classes! You will learn things that are very simple AND that can really change your life. For instance, you will learn how to make bread and nut milks – things that you normally consume – in a very healthy, sustainable way.

Manu will be teaching these classes; he is open to all of your questions, and will provide you with take-home recipes and variations for different conditions, etc. For instance, he will be teaching a whole-grain bread recipe as well as a modification for gluten-intolerant individuals. You are welcome to bring your own experience to the table – literally! – and get his personal advice and guidance. Manu has been involved with nutrition, organic food, vegan and vegetarian food. He spent years working as a cook in a few yoga retreats in Europe. In most recent years, he has worked on a food coaching programme, teaching people how to eat and cook in a more healthy way.

The recipes we will use have been chosen for their high nutritional value. Some have particularly been included because of their healing properties and probiotic contributions (for instance, live yogurt and kombucha):

Some of the recipes that may be included in the workshop are:

Live yogurt
Nut milks
Healthy dips
Healthy vegan desserts
Herbal teas
Nutrition workshops

The purpose of the nutrition workshops is to give participants an idea of the healthy aspects of the foods that we are introducing in the cooking classes, and how to recreate this on your own, at home.

It will cover some major themes in modern nutrition, such as consuming fermented and probiotic foods, foods for gut-healing benefit, nutritional therapy, gluten-free versus whole grain products, modern-day dairy versus non-dairy products, soy products, processed foods versus whole foods, organic versus non-organic, raw foods versus cooked foods, the benefits of sprouting your own seeds and legumes and preparing your own herbal teas mixtures.

There will also be plenty of time for Q & A, and individualized questions will be addressed so that each person can feel that he or she is leaving with something valuable for his or her particular situation or condition for the highest good, health and healing.

Tracy is a certified Nutritionist, with a significant healing arts background, and will be holding space for and leading this part of the retreat.

Restorative Yoga

It is important to balance the morning “yang” practices of yoga with the afternoon “yin” practices of yoga. These classes are designed to be restorative to your mind and body, and help to bring your system back to parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) mode.

With her love for helping people to calm, relax, and reset, and from there experience a true space for healing, Tracy will be leading this aspect.

Nature Tour

On Wednesday afternoon, this retreat will include a boat trip to a near-by island: Koh Taan, and its coral reef.

Manu will be leading this excursion, and from his passion for nature and wildlife, and his knowledge from many years of personal study, he will be lovingly sharing with you information about the local wildlife and ecosystem.

This retreat is suitable for

Complete beginners
Pregnant women – modifications will be offered

The program begins at 5pm on the first day of the retreat with a group welcome and departure is at 12pm on the last day.
The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher.

6:30 am Early light breakfast available
7:30 – 8:30 am Breath work
8:30 – 10:00 am Yoga asana practice
10 am – 1 pm Brunch buffet
3 – 3:30 pm Snack and refreshment
3:30 – 4:30 pm Cooking workshop
3:30 – 4:30 pm Nutrition workshop & restorative yoga
6 – 8 pm Dinner buffet
6 – 8 pm Herbal steam room available
7:30 pm Optional evening program or quiet time