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Om Studio 200hr Yoga Teacher Training 2015

An extremely comprehensive course in learning to teach traditional Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga from Yogacharini Kalavathi who has spent more than a year training at Swami Gitananda's ashram in South India.


Om Studio, Cardiff Wales, GB CF243QN

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

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May 9 to
May 15
2015 - 2016
04:00 amto10:00 am

One weekend a month.



Reduction for anyone who has done the Foundation Course with Om Studio.

Full Description

If we want to teach Yoga, then Yoga needs to be part of your life so that you are living and breathing Yoga. It’s not just a set of exercises you teach in a class as there really is so much more to yoga than that. Yoga is a way of life where you continuously learn to live in the best way that you can and create an environment where you can grow. When we can realize this we can then support others to better themselves whether it is just to keep themselves fit and healthy or whether they want to grown consciously too. This course will enable you to realize this and get you into the right space so that you are in a position to teach.

You will need an open mind, an interest to learn and a yearning to grow. It is going to be a very comprehensive course and many concepts may take a while to sink in, but if you are open they will all connect when you are ready. Yoga is a life-times work and as you evolve it evolves with you.

This course will help ground you and support you to develop on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. You should expect to see yourself change whilst on the course although many changes will be subtle which is why you will be expected to keep a Yoga diary. This diary should be used to keep a note of all thoughts, feelings, experiences, difficulties and breakthroughs. Reflection on this journal will prove to be a valuable addition to your personal journey.

There will be a reading list. All book & reference purchase requirements will be kept to a minimum as best as possible since this can be costly however do expect to purchase some. I will give you lots of articles and essays to read to make up your point of reference. Since you are learning Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition taught by Swami Gitananda much of it will come from this source.

This course is made up of both the foundation course written By Swami Gitananda and the additional Teacher Training content. The foundation course is so intensive that even if you have done it before you will only understand and experience it better when you re-visit it making you a much more confident teacher. We will spend one day on the weekend going through the foundation course and the other day on teacher training. There will be opportunities to teach, digest and discuss the content. Please note – if you have done the foundation course before you will be expected to attend all the sessions but not required to repeat the written work.

There will be daily yoga practice and weekly questions to answer. You will have essays to write, lesson plans, handouts and presentations to prepare. Not all at the same time! But you will need to be able to put regular time aside to keep it all together. Being organised is a necessary quality to cultivate if you don’t already have it.

You need to be able to put time and effort into this course and be dedicated in all ways. Commitment is a must especially if you are planning to teach. What you put in is what you will get out – so the more you put in the more you will get out.

This Yoga Teacher Training course will be spread over 13 months and we will meet for one weekend each month with classes for two full days. The course will be concluded after the 13 months with a certificate ceremony.

You should not miss any of the course weekends. However, should this happen all course content will need to be made up. This will sometimes need to be done by private tuition which is not included in the course fee. You will need to work this out with Kalavathi.

The Yoga Teaching Qualification is not guaranteed, it is awarded to those who do the work to an acceptable standard and show that they are ready to teach. However you will all receive a certificate for the completion of the foundation course which is a part of the teacher training.

The course fee includes all course material, the foundation course book (for those who do not have it – fee adjusted for those who do), 1 year subscription to Yoga Life Magazine from Ananda Ashram, South India and also guaranteed eligibility for student teacher training insurance to cover you for practice teaching. There is a small charge for the insurance.

Teaching opportunities will be made available for you at the Om Studio. You will get teaching practice on the course as well as general class teaching practice at scheduled times during the week. You will also have observation and mentoring opportunities with your peer trainer teachers. Coming to a regular weekly class is required during the training. If you live to far from the studio you will need to discuss the alternatives with Kalavathi.

We will cover the following on the Teacher Training Course:

Asana – Physical & posture practice and discipline

Pranayama – Breath awareness leading to breath & energy control

Sanskrit – Basic understanding for correct pronunciation

Philosophy – Looking at Yoga through certain texts Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Kriyas & Mudras & Bhandas – Yoga Techniques producing particular outcomes

Mantra Chanting – Learning various Sanskrit Chants


Bhajans – Uplifting Devotional Singing

Yantra – A Yogic Science of Number related to divisions of life

Diet & Nutrition – Looking at a Yogic diet and related cleansing & fasting practices

Dharana & Dhyana – Concentration leading to meditation

Hindu Yogic Concepts – Looking at Yoga as a way of Life and its origins in Hinduism

Anatomy & Physiology – An outline of the basic functions and physiology of the body

Yoga Chikitsa – Learning about Yoga and its use as a therapy

Learning to Teach – Understanding the basics required for teaching

Teaching Practice – Teaching & Mentoring experience

Working as a Yoga Teacher – Help to get started and running your own business

Communication – Build confidence with your oral and practical aspects of teaching

Teaching Problems – Learn about various issues/difficulties that can arise

Modifications & Adjustments – learn when these are appropriate and for who

Assessment – You will be assessed regularly and will receive feedback

and much much more!

Your teacher will be Yogacharini Yoga Chemmal Kalavathi Devi. Kalavathi undertook the 6 month intensive Yoga Teacher Training programme at Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry, South India in 1999 which gave her at least 1400 contact training hours. She has returned for more training 10 times in the past 13 years where she has at least doubled these contact hours. Kalavathi is the main contact for Gitananda Yoga in the UK and organises the UK tours for Yogachariya Dr Ananda Bhavanani, son & successor of Swami Gitananda.

Your certificate will be from Om Studio and endorsed by Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry, South India. Your 200hr Teaching Certificate will enable you to get your own teaching insurance and teach all over the world. Should you require to you will be able to use it to join the IYN, Independant Yoga Network and you should be able to join Yoga Alliance too.

The cost for the Course is £2150 / £1950*

*price adjusted for those who have already completed the Foundation Course/Swami Gitananda’s Step by Step Course.

If a participant needs to withdraw their registration prior to the start of the course the non-refundable deposit will be retained but the rest of the fee returned. No refunds are given once the course has started.

If you are looking for funds to help you with paying for the training you will find various business start up loans. Have a look on google. One student in the past has used Purple Shoots and it worked out really well for her. Not only was the financial side beneficial but she has had lots of small business advice too.

For anyone looking to get a personal bank loan to cover the cost of the training you will be looking at approx paying £100 a month for 2 years – this covers the borrowing and any fees and interest for the period. Repaying it over a longer period would reduce the monthly fee.

To download the Teacher Training Brochure please click here


To apply for a place on the 2015 Teacher Training Course please send your Yoga CV to Kalavathi or contact her directly. You can email her here or call her on 07727 139379. Course starts May 2015. The course dates are as follows:

9th –10th may 2015
6th-7th June
4th-5th July
1st-2nd Aug
5th-6th Sept
3rd-4th Oct
31st-32nd Oct
28th-29th Nov
9th-10th Jan 2016
6th-7th Feb
5th-6th March
9th-10th April (end of easter hols)
14th-15th May

To secure your place you need to pay a £500 non-refundable deposit – cheques made payable please to Yoga Wales. Thank you.


I can highly recommend this course. I am 4 and a half months in and my body, mind, attitude, outlook, everything really, has changed dramatically as a result (after just this short amount of time, I can’t wait to see what will have happened to me by March next year. Even if you don’t end up teaching, the course it worth doing for the amount you will find ways to improve every aspect of your life. Kalavathi is an excellent teacher who is really helping us to develop, not just as teachers, but as individuals on a journey of self and spiritual discovery. I am so glad I am doing the course. The journey I started when I first entered the Om studio had been a life changing one, and I can’t think of a better location to begin to change one’s life as profoundly as i seem to be. The welcoming, energising, sacred atmosphere, combined with Kalavathi’s experienced, knowledgeable, and caring teaching, makes for the perfect environment to begin to examine your inner self, take care of mind, body and soul, and meet some wonderful kindred spirits. If you are looking for quality yoga teaching in Cardiff then look no further, you have found it here Esther, 2014 group.

I’m so glad to be in this course. Kalavathi is a very experienced and dedicated Yoga teacher. Apart from the vast yoga knowledge, she also shares with us her teaching experience of 15 yrs. These are valuable lessons for when we start teaching. The course is conducted in a purpose built yoga studio so it always feels sacred and welcomed here. I feel that a one year course is not too long but enough time for us to absorb and immerse in the practice over time. Should we wish, we can further our training in the India ashram when this one year is over. It is where Gitananda Yoga originated. Personally I find the Gitananda Yoga teaching very practical and special indeed. The teaching has been passed down over generations to preserve its purest form, so we are not learning the watered down or mishmash yoga like so many these days. In this lineage, spiritual growth or finding inner balance is not abstract concept but very much attainable if we practice and put in the right effort. It really is life changing and powerful ! Lee, 2014 group

I think I have learnt the most I have ever learnt on any course ever! I know I am working harder now than I ever did for my degree. I think it is an amazing course and we are being taught to the highest standard, I love it and am amazed when I look to compare what I knew at the start of 2014 and what I know now. I am so grateful for finding you all and sometimes wonder upon how it is possible that I find myself so far away from home lying in Shavasana in a converted double garage studio in Cardiff feeling like my life is being revolutionised! After this weekend, as always, I feel energised and excited about life. Thank You xx Tina, 2014 group