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On the Path to Our Infinite Nature (online gatherings)

Begin (or continue) your journey into nāda Yoga (Yoga of sound) with a mantra reflective of your infinite nature. Learning proper Sanskrit pronunciation can enhance this experience.
An online course that meets, via a video chat platform (Zoom), four times over a 40-day period. Additional support is available via a FaceBook group in-between calls.


LL's Zoom Room8139581
214 Monarch Way, Aurora US

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  • Course

Yoga Styles



Aug 6 to
Sep 27
20:15 pmto21:15 pm

8:15EST/6:15MDT/5:15PST – 6 Aug (may last up to 90 minutes) otherwise - 1 hour sessions (13 & 27 Aug & 10 Sept)
Please arrive at least 5 mintues early to each call so we can begin on time.



Full Description

The Shvetashvatara Upnishad, an ancient Yogic text, likens the process of reciting mantra japa (the repetition of mantra) to “uncovering the inner essence of something.” Mantra, especially with proper Sanskrit pronunciation, has the potential to open one up to the possibility of connecting with the primordial nature we all inherently embody. The essence of Self, as it relates to our most infinite nature, is the focus of these particular gatherings. When we want to connect with our spiritual consciousness, the repetition of mantra can tune us to our inner frequency, akin to a radio station, it is always there waiting for us to dial-in.

Through your mantra practice you may notice:
- deeper personal awareness
- an overall calmness and focus arising in the mind
- an emerging resonance throughout the whole being
- habitual tendencies becoming highlighted and/or transformed
- a different level of energy available

I hope you will join me for this journey into the unveiling your most infinite nature.