ONLINE Women's Sacred Yoni (Womb) Yoga Facilitator Training 60 hours

Women Re-Wilding, Reclaim your Intuitive Nature!
Women's Well-being

The Kundalini, Shamanic and Tantric Journey of exploration, feeling safe to travel into your inner self and invoke the natural and primal energy of creation!



ONLINE, waterloo ON, CA N2T 0B8

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



May 31 to
Aug 16
18:00 pmto18:00 pm

Starts May 31, 2022 Tuesdays until August 16 th 2022
ONLINE Yoga training
6pm - 9 pm Tuesdays



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What You Will Learn:

Journey with me to learn how to create inner wisdom through self-empowerment techniques!

How to prevent a dysfunctional pelvic system through strengthening
Learn how to improve pelvic floor muscles, bladder control, decrease back and hip pain.
Posture impedes metabolism, increase mobility through core strengthening.
The practice of mindfulness and the importance of stress management
Transformation begins within, discover wisdom teachings practiced in ancient times
Identify obstacles to increase abundance and wellbeing
Discover ways to achieve greater stability, focus and peace in your life
Awareness through subtle energy and the chakra system
Trauma Informed Yoga movement
Poses designed for women who have survived breast cancer
How to create a strong foundation to hold your body. Physical Anatomy. Connection with Mother Earth.
How to arrange informative discussions, with mindfulness techniques, and movement.