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Open Your Heart and Letting Love Lead the Way

Opening the Heart and Letting Love Lead the Way Workshop is scheduled for May 23rd at the Dojo on 10th St. in Boise, ID 83702
This workshop covers how "Unconditional love is a pure and delightful human experience." Learning how to sustain the feeling of joy,( which is the fruit of unconditional love), is the theme of this workshop. In modern times it takes more awareness into ourselves to achieve this delicious goal.


1512 North 10th St., Boise ID, US 83702
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May 23
11:30 amto13:30 pm

May 23rd from 11:30-1:30 at the Dojo on 10th St. in Boise, ID 83702



There is a $5.00 discount for registering before May 16th.

Full Description

Learning how to open the heart and achieve joy (or even sustain joy) on a more continuous basis is the goal behind our workshop. This workshop is the first in a series where the technics of Laughing Well are used to help individuals recognize and reverse the effects of stress in all types of relationships. These relationships may be close as a spouse or wide as the community.

The Laughing Trees has developed workshops that are designed to give the individual the ability to manage stress in daily life. Stress is not an option, it is a part of our daily lives. The list of consequences for not dealing with stress, in a healthy manor, has created an epidemic in our country. Learning ways to deal with stress can be as easy as saying Ha Ha He He.

When the folks at The Laughing Trees heard how external influence of daily stress has raised the American divorce rate to a staggering 40-50%, we wanted to reach out to the community and share our tribal knowledge on reversing the effects of daily stress. The cost of a divorce maybe calculated finically, but the emotional cost is not measurable. Everyone is effected by the strain of a divorce. The closest being the couples involved all the way to the co-workers and community. Drug and alcohol addiction, along with verbal and physical abuse, have become serious byproducts of our culture’s approach to dealing with stress in an unhealthy way.

Although you may experience grains of doubt going into your first Laugh Yoga session, we believe that you will emerge with many pearls of wisdom. Come join us and we can show you how to cultivate your own pearls of wisdom and reduce stress.