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Original Body Wisdom Walking Clinic

The amazing sliding and gliding joints! Walking is what our bodies are designed for yet bad cultural and personal habits can make it less fun than it could be. Learn to walk with optimal grace and ease for longevity in joints and strength in bones. 3 hour clinic.


195 Russel St, Hadley MA, US 01035

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  • Workshop

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Mar 1
06:00 amto09:15 am

Join me Sunday March 1 in Hadley, MA from 1 -4pm and improve your ability to have strength and agility.



$69. Early registration (on or before February 19th) $59.

Full Description

Walking Clinics

Do you:
want to walk or hike but find yourself avoiding these activities due to discomfort?
want to continue using walking as exercise heading into midlife and beyond?
sometimes feel soreness, stiffness, aching or pain after
need more “recovery” time than you used to?
think you should be able to go farther? Or faster?

If you think like most people you believe problems with walking are all about your muscles.

There is some truth to that. Overly tight or weak muscles affect our posture and give us pain. It’s harder to feel what is happening through your skeleton. And your skeleton is key to moving gracefully and without pain.

If you are relying too much on your muscles you will find yourself gripping, pulling, tugging, clenching or tightening to get around or feel comfortable. This constant tension makes walking hurt. It makes you move more slowly.

You can learn to let your bones bear the weight and as you do your muscles will both relax and become stronger. You will also strengthen your bones and they will you glide through life. Learning the new ways of moving will help you move through your bones naturally and with ease. You won’t have to think about it.