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Part II – Spiral Dynamics of the Body

By stabilizing the body, our mind also begins to stabilize and quieten. Focusing on structure, utilizing the principles of alignment is the earth aspect of practice. The subtle application is an intuitive approach, grounded in sensitization. Establishing earth requires the utilization of pressure; the sign of its presence is the opposite, emptiness


All Hallows Church184620
24 Regent Terrace, Leeds West Yorkshire, GB LS6 1NP

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  • Retreat

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Dec 12
11:00 amto14:00 pm

please arrive 15 minutes earlier.



concessions available

Full Description

This workshop is available only to those who have attended the workshop titled 'Seven Universal Actions' - please contact me for details if you'd like to attend this workshop, and it is currently not listed on this site.

The Spiral Dynamic allows the lengthenings, broadenings and groundings of the Seven Universal Actions to be integrated into the relationship between the ribcage and the pelvis, by way of the interconnected nature of the relationships between the body parts. This supports and releases the breath as well as the spine and allows the body to be activated as a single unit. The Spiral Dynamic will be explored within the context of the Vinyasaxandrasya (based on chandranamaskar), Vinyasasyurasya (based on suryanamaskar) and Vinyasasukasya series (incorporating standing postures).