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Path into Light Spiritual Seminar

Retreat on Cyprus: The Path into Light® – find your true self!

COME and JOIN into this intense six-day journey to find out WHO you REALLY are.

DEVOTE yourself to YOURSELF.

Take the CHANCE to cleanse and strengthen your ENERGY.

Find YOUR path! Walk DEEPER on it! BELIEVE in yourself!


Akamanthos Avenue, PO Box 66154, Latchi CY 8820

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  • Course



Apr 7 to
Apr 12
01:00 amto12:00 pm


1,800 €

The price is only for seminar.
The accommodation price starts at 110 Eur per person (3 daily meals, free access to sauna and steam room, free use of tennis court and fitness area, free use of bikes).

Full Description

Experience deeply your energy centers (chakras) and how to use them in daily life.

It`s time to take back your power and to show yourself to the world!

Love yourself. Live unconditional love. Learn to use it as healing energy.

Recognize, that you will be never alone again – the spiritual guides are always with you.

Are you interested in the deeper reason why you are in this life? Learn your Life Task! Come and you will see!

…..the best way to end the old year and to start the new year: getting rid of some burden from the past, finding yourself, your power, your peace, your path and inviting love and bliss as your lasting companions!

In order to recognise our path to our final destination, we must take account of our potentialities, realize what binds us, which special qualities we possess and to what extent we have realised their full possibilities. Then we must be determine which supporting light contributions are required to strengthen us on our way.

For the first two days we will encounter our personal blockages and dissolve them, thus becoming freer and happier. We will discover that our efforts to this path into light already existed in former lives.

The third and fourth days of the seminar are devoted to the recognition of our path and to the dissolution of our old conditioning and habits. Simultaneously different levels of light become available to us. We will practice applying them to our everyday life.

On days five and six we become aware of our responsibility to the world around us, and begin to understand our unity with creation. The seminar concludes with the possibility of receiving additional information about our individual purpose and direction in life.

The Path into Light®
Six day experiential seminar

The key to happiness lies in you.
In your heart.

Is the light of your love that resides within you, waiting for you to recognize and incorporate it in your daily life.
The Path Into Light®, is a seminar designed to help you discover and connect with your True Spiritual self.
In the light of the heart, you experience the eternal truth that is within you, embracing your existence and the divine gifts.
Is your personal road in life?

~ Remember purity of your Divine origins, experiencing on Earth the Light of Your Soul.

~ Connect consciously with the special skills and qualities which are within you.

~ Initiation into meditation, and receive practical techniques.

~ Learn to recognize and take care of your energy needs in everyday life.

~ You come in contact with higher light levels and Avatar which support and enhance the journey on your way.

The specificity of this era, is to reminds you to face the difficulties, through our inner awakening and change.

The Path into Light, support, moving towards a new era, with more ease, open heart and conscience.

1st and 2nd day:
~ Meeting with personal blockages
~ Cleaning dissolution transformation
Lightness and Joy ~
~ Operation, and technical characteristics of the chakras.

3rd and 4th day:
~ Freedom from old habits
~ Retrospectives
~ Contact with higher light levels and knowledge
~ The practical application in everyday life

5th and 6th day:
~ Awareness of your responsibility as human beings.
~ Module with creation.
~ Information about your mission in life.