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enjoy 7 days of exploring inner calmness and the child within where we welcome all levels to playfully combine and try different styles of yoga, experience mornings in silence, meditation, pranayama, yoga ethics and philosophy, vegan cooking sessions in community, mantras and relaxation by the pool in an oasis of peace in the andalusian mountains


Jun 1 to
Jun 7
16:00 pmto12:00 pm


670 €

Full Description

“One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste” - Albert Einstein

What comes to your mind if you think about yoga? Flexibility or maybe asanas (yoga postures)? We Sunchild Yogis envision tranquility, joy and play and invite you to join us as children of the sun in our hidden rural paradise. For us, yoga is a way of life and the Peace Yoga Retreat our means of sharing these ideas. Both on and off the mat.

There is so much more to yoga than performing asanas, but often these asanas serve as the door we go through to discover the unknown “world of yoga” behind it that is far away from our competitive world we are surrounded by every day. Behind this door you will find a world of love, compassion, gratitude, equanimity, peace and And most probably…. yourself!

“Yoga is a scenic journey to our deepest spirit.” - D. Swenson

More than an attitude or a worldview, yoga is an approach towards life. When feeling lost or confused, yoga grounds us, when feeling anxious or stressed it relaxes. Just like that, we breathe, experiment and play to connect mind body and soul and reverberate intuition, harmony and joy. Simply join us and let your inner child rediscover what it means to just 'be'. Our Peace Yoga Retreat is a wonderful experience aimed at deconstructing rigidity and cultivating childlike openness.

Whatever previous experience of yoga you have (if any) we want you to know that we all start where we are. We start with accepting where we are at this particular moment in time. Flexibility starts in the mind, not in the body. Yoga philosophy experienced in a playful and interactive way will show us how we can start to live a life which is in more harmony with the world around us and with ourselves. With practice and awareness, personal insights begin to manifest. We become aware of what we put into our bodies and how we interact with the world around us.

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” - C. G. Jung

Contemporary practices often focus solely on asanas, however they are a mere fragment of yoga. In fact, yoga philosophy is their foundation. In our Peace Yoga Retreat we discover the holistic perspective of yoga, rooted in ethical principles. To live a more conscious and harmonious life that leads us out of our circles of habits (our sufferings) we will also introduce you to the teachings of Buddha and discover the similarities of these two ancient but still very modern philosophies in a playful way.


Find your balance and inner peace

We will introduce you to mornings in silence and introspective meditations to reconnect with your inner self. Furthermore, we experiment with different yoga styles: active and dynamic styles (yang) to begin the day and rather passive and relaxing (yin) styles in the afternoon. Just as tasting a strawberry can not be described theoretically, the different yoga styles can only be tasted through practice. No style is better than another and by tasting them we will enable you to distinguish them and find orientation in the jungle of yoga class names.
As a natural part of non-harming, vegan alimentation will be an essential part of the retreat and together we will learn more about it not only theoretically but also in practice as the daily offered meals will be prepared together in little teams as a convivial and participative activity.
To have an intimate atmosphere where acceptance can thrive and enough space for solitude is guaranteed, our retreat will be shelter to 14 guests max.

All levels are welcome !

You can also book 1:1 classes on site to deepen your practice or if you have any specific doubts or postures you want to learn (on additional costs).

Experience the abundant variety yoga has to offer as a way of being. After this nourishing week, three things will stay with you permanently: love, compassion & gratitude. Ground to rise and be the change the world needs! Ultimately, peace begins with you


Saturday • Arrival
18:10 Pick up at Órgiva (note: if you come by car directly to the venue you can arrive from 15:00 on)
19:00 Welcome ceremony, meeting the group, introduction to yoga
20:00 Dinner

Friday • Departure
07:30 final sunrise yoga class
09:00 farewell breakfast
11:00 Check out of rooms / from then on departure


07:30 Pranayama & Meditation
08:00 Yoga “Yang”
09:30 Breakfast in Silence

11:00 Yoga “off the mat” (philosophies etc.)
potentially 1:1 classes
13:00 Lunch, prepared participative*
17:00 Yoga “Yin”
19:30 Dinner, prepared participative*
20:30 Chanting (on some days)

* see FOOD

Free time suggestions: hiking, swimming pool, exploring the area, enjoy doing 'nothing', meaning discovering yourself by learning to slow down consciously


For several generations up until now, the Cortijo has been an active place of produce with many different buildings for many different uses and only little extra room to spare for accommodation. Hence almost all rooms have shared bathrooms, some rooms are passage rooms, some are only divided by curtains and some do not have windows, but we will spend most of the time outside in sunny June so the accommodation is mainly just for sleeping. Plus, in shared spaces, there are almost no boundaries for forming new friendships ;-) You have three different options for accommodation - a mix of single and shared twin rooms and a four-bed dormitory in an old barn:

Option ”Dormitory” • 670 EUR
Single bed in a dormitory room of 4 persons max. with en suite bathroom

Option “Shared” • 690 EUR EUR
Shared twin room in an apartment with a shared bathroom

Option “Single with curtain” • 715 EUR
Private room in an apartment (separated by a curtain) with a shared bathroom

Option “Single with door” • 745 EUR
Private room in an apartment or renovated barn with a shared bathroom (only 2 available)

Option “Single with door, ensuite” • 765 EUR
Private room with queen size bed private bathroom (only one available)

Special discounts:
100 € until Feb 3rd
50 € until April 1st

As this is a retreat in unspoilt nature designed to disconnect and to step back from the outside world WIFI internet connection is available only in the main public area.


“Yoga begins in the present moment, and the present moment begins in silence.” - Michael Stone

Our retreat takes place in the cottage “Cortijo Casería del Mercado” - a natural oasis of peace located 1250 meters high up in the Alpujarra mountains of Andalusia. This traditional spanish country house that overlooks the whole beautiful valley is home to several friendly dogs and beautiful peacocks that stroll freely through its wonderful gardens which are abundant with healthy, organic vegetables, colorful flowers surrounded by expansive fields of almond, fig and olive trees. Memorable sundowners illuminate this beauty around you and your beauty within. Other features of the venue are:

Spacious yoga shala with a spectacular mountain-view
Outdoor dining under a plant roof and indoors with a fireplace
A pool with a shady lawn
Fully equipped common kitchen

The Alpujarra region is located between the Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea. Clean air and fresh water things for which it is renowned. The Cortijo itself is a calm and magical oasis amidst the vast openness of these remote lands where your heart will find peace.


At our retreat a fresh and healthy diet plays a significant role. The food menu is designed to support all the practices on the course by detoxifying as well as energizing our bodies. Using mostly organic ingredients as well as seasonal and local fruits and vegetables, you will be provided with 3 vegan meals per day.

Breakfast will be simple and healthy, consisting of different cereals, seasonal fruits and healthy smoothies. The main meals of the day (lunch and dinner) will be prepared together as a ‘learning by doing’ activity that will not only teach you new vegan cooking skills but you will experience the joy of participating and helping (karma yoga) and awakening the feeling of community and unity (= yoga).


Despite the altitude it can be very hot during the day, but evenings and early mornings can be cool or even cold. So bring a scarf and socks for morning meditations and a warm jumper. Bring your swimming suits as days are hot and a warm jacket for the cold evenings. Hiking boots are good for exploring the area and are warm for the evening. Please bring your own yoga mat.


The Cortijo (our retreat) is located high in the Alpujarra mountains close to a tiny village called Cástaras. Trevélez, known as the “highest town of Spain” (1476 m) is only 15 km away. The biggest town in the region is Órgiva, which is approximately 45 minutes drives away from the Cortijo. Órgiva is also the access town to the Alpujarra valley, coming from Granada or Màlaga, with some good bus connections. The closest airport is Granada. Malaga is the second best option.

If you do not rent a car, you will have to make your way to Órgiva by BUS arriving there at 6 at the latest. There we will pick you up at 6:15 and bring you to the Cortijo / Retreat (12 EUR per person).

Don´t worry, once booked we can help you with planning your trip.


The retreat will end with a final sunrise yoga class and a collective farewell breakfast that will finish about 11pm. Please do not plan to leave before then. We will organize taxis for you to Órgiva for the time requested. If you fly back from Málaga please plan to take a bus to Granada and from there to Málaga because the only direct bus from Órgiva to Málaga leaves at 8:20 which would mean you would miss the final morning that has proven to be important for everyone on an emotional level.