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Peaceful Warrior Woman Retreat

Spiritual guidance and the universal energies are calling for this retreat! It is time to go deeper. To awaken a profound ancient wisdom within and attune to those forces all around. Yoga. Mediation. Rebirthing Ceremony. Vision Quest. Tribal Fire Dance. + more. Heed the call & join a tribe of 33 woman Peaceful Warrior Woman Retreat.


202 S Lake Ave, Ottertail Lake MN, US 56571

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  • Retreat

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Aug 25 to
Aug 26
09:00 amto15:30 pm

This Powerful Peaceful Warrior Woman Yoga Shamanic Retreat BEgins Saturday, Aug 25th 9am and ends Sunday, Aug 26th 3:33pm



Full Description

In 2016, I was called to create a Women's Awakening Festival. Incredible souls showed up from all over the midwest (and further) to embark on a journey to wake up their "authentic ~ creative truth" (5th chakra energies). The energies continued into 2017 as the theme evolved into the beauty of "intuitive knowing" (6th chakra energies) at the 2nd Annual Women's Awakening Festival. And now, here we are in the midst of 2018. With my ear to my heart, I have been receiving new guidance.

The message is clear! ​​

But, with free will always at our disposal ~ I toyed for a few thinking moments of "do I override what I heard?" I could go forward (as many were anxiously awaiting) and create a 3rd Annual Women's Awakening Festival. But here I am my dear, bowing to what the spiritual guidance and universal energies are begging of me ~ asking of we. The message says: It is time to go even deeper! We are to embark on more ceremony, more meditation, more yoga, and immerse ourselves in shamanic wisdom. For there are many ancient guides, who are anxiously awaiting for a select group of women to harness their healing wisdom.

If you found yourself here, you are one being called. You are being beckoned to explore the depths of your heart as we rebirth and reclaim our peaceful warrior woman essence.

You are in for a treat at the weekend immersion Shamanic Yoga retreat in August!

Saturday, August 25th 9am - Sunday, April 26th 3:33pm

Yes! We start and end our weekend together with the sacred numbers of 3.

3+3+3=9 (we begin in tune with spiritual guidance) and ending our sacred time together at 3:33 (so ever grateful for the spiritual guidance we will receive)

Here is a peek into the weekend:

Peaceful Warrior Woman Yoga & Meditation Sessions
Rebirthing Ceremony on Sacred Land
Merging Feminine & Masculine ( the River)
Mini Vision Quest
Ancient Spirit Guides Tribal Dance
Fire Ceremony (on the eve of a Full Moon the beach)
Private Healing Opportunities (with Wendy in the tipi or 3 other amazing healers)

This is going to be incredible! We will be both outdoors (exposed to the heart of nature's soul) and at times under a big tent as we raise the collective vibration.

Limited spots my of now my soul says no more than 33 women. Put your hand to your heart and one to earth mother's belly. Listen. Is she calling? This is going to be a joyful ~ soul nurturing weekend! ​

And YES! The 3rd Annual Women's Awakening Festival will return in THIS year it's an immersion retreat of amazingness.