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Poetry Of Yoga


2 Town Square Blvd Suite 180, Asheville NC, US 28803

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Sep 20
17:30 pmto19:00 pm

Infused with poetry from her self published, “Collecting Feathers,” Tara (Becky) will take you on a journey hOMe.



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Infused with poetry from her self published, “Collecting Feathers,” Tara (Becky) will take you on a journey hOMe. While drinking in the sacred sounds of heartbeat and breath, we will take the ability to listen and to feel even deeper within. We will tap into that intuitive sense of knowing; how and when to move and when to be still. Allow yourself to reconnect to that sacred animal within and the poetry that is your practice, ultimately reminding us how to simply be free both on and off of the yoga mat as we continue to author the most epic novel of all; our life.

About the book:

I was searching for was searching and in the midst of doing so they began to present themselves to by one. I had come to the realization that my Dharma and my purpose was so much bigger then my physical self and location. Fear had held me back for quite some time but it is only so long a bird can be held in this realization that flight was required in order to share the message that my teachers had given to me and all of their teachers had given to them, I was able to see and decided to trust in something so much bigger than my searching they continued to present themselves to me as they still Sometimes in the form of a bouquet after a long walk through the woods. My path was being laid before me and I very close attention to where they appeared, who I was with and the intention behind why I was where, it begin to make sense. I return to the places where they find me the most with a continued reminder of the importance of non-attachment. Feathers are not meant to be held down. I know I will return when the time is searching and continues but I no longer feel lost. They are there to remind me that I am not alone. They are there to remind me of this path and this Dharma. They are there to remind me of the importance of my flight and each and every place they guide me to are there to remind me of these wings that existed all was searching for something, but now they find me. As I collect these As I spread These I am home.

"Collecting Feathers" is available worldwide. Order directly from my website ()