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Power Dating Yoga Singles 45s Plus

At a PDY Singles event, you'll move through a series of Yoga postures, spending quality time with a variety of partners. You'll have the opportunity to connect mentally, emotionally & physically with each participant, minus the sleaze, small talk, wasted energy & time that other forms of blind dating can incur. Fabulous Friday night fun!


Goodlife Health Clubs Subiaco2453014
388 Hay St, Perth WA, AU 6050

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  • General Event

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Apr 22
18:00 pmto21:00 pm

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What people are

"Brilliantly unpredictable, invoking playful curiosity and openness. Wonderful guided instruction charged the electric atmosphere and removed boundaries. Intelligently selected partner exercises encourage natural communication around presented themes, topics & questions - lots of laughing. To my astonishment, it's what blossomed subsequent to the " - Stephanos

"Such a unique concept, I've never done anything like it! All the dating Apps flooding the market have taken away the personal aspect of dating, but PDY lets you get to know potential partners on a spiritual level as well as an intellectual one. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is willing to step outside their comfort zone and experience something amazing." - Freya

"A beautiful event. A perfect environment, both physically and mentally stimulating. A spiritual experience that was soul awakening. It was a magical, beautiful, safe (a little scary), and magnificent adventure." - Graeme

"Exceeded expectations as it was FUN! Totally different to anything that I have done before. The event was well run and the exercises were designed to break the ice. I would most certainly attend a future event and look forward to it." - Richard

"Yoga requires a little more self awareness than just being fit so PDY provides more opportunity to connect with men who might have a better relationship with themselves, as well as making their health and wellness a priority. I love the concept of PDY. Men get to meet hot yoga chicks, and yoga women get to =D. Men who are either going to already be into yoga or willing to try. Answering the questions became easier as we all loosened !" - Veronika

"My biggest struggles with dating, especially speed dating type events, was feeling extremely anxious and under pressure. This affected me by making me talk fast, and focus more on trying to impress others than to express myself. Power Dating Yoga enabled me to relax, and centre myself, in order to just be myself. It was remarkably liberating to just "be" in the presence of someone else. As a result of attending the PDY event, I learned how to control my nervousness and anxiety. It showed me how one can interact with attractive people without the spectre of fear hanging over me." - Michael

"A big frustration with the dating scene is finding like minded people, the internet dating thing is hard and a bit false - it takes one in a million to find someone on there. PDY was a great way to break the ice and meet some like minded people." - Leah

"I had no idea what to expect. I ticked all the , loves Yoga, but was still apprehensive. My stress was all in vain. Throughout the evening and thereafter I had made sincere connections, felt so relaxed and happy. Genuinely warm experience. Would recommend to anyone with an open heart." - AJ

“Courage, openness, and fun. I attended Power Dating Yoga with these three words in mind. As I accidentally hit “going” on a FaceBook event invite, I made a commitment to myself to have the courage and overcome any fears or discomfort, have an open mind and heart, and have fun with it. And that’s exactly what I did, and I’m very glad I did. It was meant to be. I met somebody that I’ve since been spending a lot of time with. PDY was an amazing experience for me, it was well executed, with lots of laughter and joy.” Shaden

“One word 'wow!' With very little Yoga experience, I have to admit, I walked in with a few nerves and worries that i had gotten myself in over my head, but as soon as it started I felt grateful that I had the opportunity to overcome what I soon knew were my own self built barriers. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to meet new people, step outside their comfort zone, or just have some great discussions with like-minded people. After sharing positions, stretches, questions and answers, laughs and relaxation with some incredible people I may not have otherwise met, I can confidently say that the entire experience is something I would do again and entice others to come along to and experience for themselves.” - Jayde