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Power Flow Workshop Series - Basics, Balances, Backbends & Inversions

Whether you are an experienced flow yogi or are tapping your toes into this style of yoga, you can benefit from these four workshops: Yoga Basics & Technique; Standing Balances; Backbends and forward folds; Arm Balances and Inversions.


802 Fairview Rd #100, Asheville North Carolina, US 28803

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  • Workshop

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Feb 13 to
Mar 5
12:00 pmto14:00 pm

Workshop Series each Saturday from 12-2pm
Saturday, February 13th
Saturday, February 20th
Saturday, February 27th
Saturday, March 5th



25$ if purchased separately, 75$ for the whole series of 4 (buy 3, get 1 free)

Full Description

Saturday, February 13th:Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Fundamentals and Technique
We will cover all the fundamentals of flow practice, starting with the Vinyasa sequence, the basic alignment rules of standing balancing poses, as well as backbends and forward folds.

Saturday February 20th: Healthy flexible spine: Back bends and forward folds
Back bends are the foundation of a healthy and flexible spine, that is why there is a plethora of back bends yoga poses in any yoga style, specially flow or vinyasa. In this workshop, we will talk about proper technique and alignment in back bends, starting from basic, and slowly progressing to more advanced asanas.

Saturday, February 27th: Standing Balances
Standing balancing poses, particularly asanas performed on one leg, award many benefits, including aligning the body’s center of gravity. These poses build strength in major lower body muscle groups, like quads and calves, as well as all the smaller muscles that support our joints, hence they are very beneficial to stabilize ankle, knee and hip joints. One legged balances build strength and stamina that is very welcomed in runners, cyclists, and other athletes.

Saturday, March 5th: Arm Balances and Inversions
The poses most of yogis stay clear from at first, but at the same time enjoy mastering the most in their practice, are arm balances and inversions. Inversions, or any poses where our heart is higher than our head, have been revered in the yoga tradition as the most energizing, uplifting and rejuvenating, bringing youth and overall vitality to the whole body.