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Practical Anatomy: The Next Step in Teaching and Adjusting with Integrity

This course continues to dive deeper into understanding adjusting by exploring subtle biomechanics, kinesiology and psychosomatics. Hands-on adjusting experience will occur in a live setting.



55/20-24 Moo 4, Tambon Namuang,, Koh Samui Surathani, TH 84140
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  • Teacher Training

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Jun 18 to
Jul 1
12:00 pmto12:00 pm



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The Ashtanga Primary and Intermediate Series’ will be used as reference for asana study. Pre-course reading will be recommended to students who need to refresh basic anatomy knowledge prior to attending the course.
Movement Assessment:
Body reading and adjusting the student instead of the posture
Sun salutation as an assessment tool – continued and practical
Learn common faulty movement patterns which could lead to imbalance or chronic pain and cuing corrections
Understanding how to properly and gradually progress a student; learn to identify key markers in movement for progression and ability to know when a student is able to try a deeper variation

Asana Study & Adjustment Techniques:
A detailed look at the principles of Rotation / counter-rotation, action/ counter action during asana
An overview of strain/ counter-strain as pain production and release in the body
Explore the concept of primary curve in the spine, what this means for asana and integrating it into the breath cycle to understand Vinyasa
Practically explore moving from the core of the body through progressive activation and easily access
Learn how to identify if a student is accessing their core properly to support their practice
Gender difference and individual skeletal variance and what that means for asana alignment and accessibility
Understand key concepts for progressing a student
A deeper look at Fascia and the Fascial Lines
Understanding how to see movement in the fascial lines and adjust students using these principles.
An introduction of the effects of foundational asana on internal organs
An overview of Emotional patterns in the body
An introduction to somatic education and emotional release
Modifications and Sequencing for Common Postural Dysfunctions ( Upper Cross Syndrome, Forward Head Posture)
Understanding flow, linking postures and the body’s response to different pacing.
Understand the core concepts of pose /counter-pose and what comes first and why in sequencing
Within class progression models
Sample Day:
7:30 Seated Practices including contemplation and pranayama
8:30 Asana – Self Practice Mysore style (some days will be guided)
3-6 Anatomy & movement Theory Lectures/ Asana Study / Practical movement sessions / Restorative Yoga

The morning session will be devoted to practice with a 60-minute Pranayama practice and sitting meditation and mantra practice. This will be followed by Asana practice. Most asana will be Mysore/ Self-Practice with some applied led classes. If your practice is other than Ashtanga you are still welcome. If you do not have a dedicated Asana practice then you may join a daily led class with one of our other teachers. The afternoon will focus on asana study, practical sequencing, movement workshops and restorative practice. Within this time will be the lecture focus for the day coupled with your questions and answers to the best of the teacher’s ability.