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Prana Yoga-6 Week Series

Join certified yoga instructor and musician, Sharon Silverstein to revitalize your health and well-being by increasing the flow of Prana in your body! Each yoga class will focus on a different Chakra to clear and balance its energy with yoga, breathing, concentration, and mantras. Suitable for all abilities, beneficial for everyone!


1300 Prince Rodgers Avenue, Bridgewater NJ, US 08807

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Jun 7 to
Jul 12
19:30 pmto19:30 pm

Clear & balance your Chakras, using the practice of Prana Yoga, which combines concentration, breath, yoga postures, & mantras. Release tension and allow Prana to flow through the meridians & nadis for health, well-being, & peace. Each week focus on a different Chakra from the Root to the Crown. 6 wks/ June 7 to July 12, 7:30-8:45pm



$90 for all six weeks of classes, or try a drop in class anytime during the six week session for $18 each.

Full Description

This 6-week series will focus on clearing and balancing a different Chakra (energy center) each week. Using the practice of Prana Yoga, which is a karma and chakra cleansing and clearing practice combining meditation, concentration, breath work, yoga postures, mantra (seed sounds) to activate the Chakras and vowel sounds to release tension from the body. This practice moves the Prana (life force energy) through the meridians and nadis in the body. This practice releases stuck energy that is blocking our experience of having perfect health, emotional well-being, and peace of mind.

All levels are welcome!

To Register:
Call (908) 526-0002, or sign up online at

Classes held at:
1300 Prince Rodgers Ave, Bridgewater NJ