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Prana Yoga & Meditation Series ::: movement & energy medicine for life

Prana Yoga & Meditation ::: West End Series 2 ::: 8 weeks moving your body, your prana, your life ::: energy medicine for the whole of you


71 Russell St, West End AU

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Apr 4 to
May 30
18:00 pmto19:30 pm

Wednesday Nights. 8 week Series - no class 25/4 (Anzac Day)



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Prana Yoga & Meditation ::: West End Series 2 ::: 8 weeks moving your prana, for the whole of you

April 4- May 30 ( no class 25 April - Anzac Day)

$150 Earlybird until 25 March, $160 after that.


Transformative and 'real' (as in not too off with the fairies!) Prana Yoga & Meditation classes with Brie to liberate you in body, mind & spirit.

These sessions aim to get you into your body and your natural state of being.

yoga - union, meditation - dropping into our natural state (perhaps!), being - what we are.

Each session incorporates:

intelligent movement and yoga practice,



along with somatic and self exploration

So you can decrease stress levels & get more into your body (embodiment) while you build health and vitality of your body, mind and spirit/inner self.

Expect classes that are as deep as they are fun, magical and dynamic.

You will leave feeling relaxed, energised, calm and uplifted.

I hold a space that is light and inclusive, with my aim in each session being to support you in getting the shifts you need to live well in today’s world, to gradually clear away the distractions and inner flux that keeps you from experiencing your self and the world as they rather than as you 'think' 'believe' or even 'fear'.

Think integration, acceptance and the freedom of moving through with a certain grace, and a good laugh when you need it :)

We cover yogic practice from the practical - intelligent movement and being naturally and comfortably in YOUR body, right through to the mystical.

You could as easily find yourself sinking into feeling in the ball of your foot and how you are standing, as you could be exploring your inner cosmos and place in the world.

Radical self love and acceptance are par for the course, and exploring outside of your box the name of the game

fun, and deep all at the same time

real world and into the unknown, 

all at the same time.

Get ready to glide with me through the layers of yourself and the facets of your body/being while you learn to safe, strong and flexible in your body and your life.

A pretzel free zone, these classes are perfect for you if you are looking to really feel into your body, explore new ways of moving, thinking and feeling, and want to up level your health and wellbeing while you are it.

after all, you are a creative being, so why not create from you full being, and why not create health, fun and a meaning-full life while you are there!

Each session includes:

somatic embodiment - to get into your body 

kundalini yoga style practice - to free your energy & further open and shift muscular and neural holding patterns allowing inner shifts of body, mind and emotions

meditation - for deeper mental clearing and emotional intelligence, along with self healing

Prana Yoga & Meditation - a practice to encompass and integrate all of YOU for shift; supporting and guiding you as you need, when you need it.

$150 Earlybird until 25 March, $160 after that.

Casuals IF we have room $25/class