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Prananyama Fundamentals

Fundamental pranayama learning how to move prana with your breath.


4923 Carmichael Road, Montgomery AL, US 36106

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  • Workshop

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Jul 14
10:30 amto12:30 pm



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Pranayama refers to a variety of breathing techniques in Yoga, which can work wonders in improving the overall health and the function of all the organs in the body.
We come into the world with a breath and we leave with a breath, but what happens in between?

The workshop will be led by Sandy Carmony and is open to anyone interested in deepening their yoga practice including Chair Yoga students.

In this "all level" workshop students will familiarize themselves with pranayama. Practices will include Ujjayi and Counted (Sama-Vritti and Vishama-Vritti) breath during an slow gentle asana practice.

Sandy also will teach practices that can assist students throughout the day; Counted Breath, Viloma, Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril), & 3-Part-Breath.

Chairs are available, sitting comfortable is essential to moving prana in our bodies. This workshop is open to all students including those in Chair Yoga Classes. Come and discover how breath moves prana!