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Pranayama - the 4th Limb - the Power of Breath

A workshop focused on the 4th limb of Patanjali's Ashtanga (8 limb) yoga system, which is pranayama or breath control.


Flow Yoga Center, 14th Street
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1508 14th St NW, Washington DC, US 20005

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Apr 23
11:00 amto12:15 pm

April 23, 2016 from 11 am - 12:15 pm




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Pranayama – the 4th Limb – the Power of Breath

bahya abhyantara stambha vrittih desha kala sankhyabhih
paridrishtah dirgha sukshmah (Patanjali Yoga Sutra II.50)

That pranayama has three aspects of external or outward flow (exhalation/rechaka), internal or inward flow (inhalation/puraka), and the third, which is the absence of both and is known as retention (kumbhaka). These are regulated by place, time, and number, with breath becoming slow and subtle.

Elevate your practice through incorporation of breath control – pranayama. The Ashtanga Yoga system was described by the sage Patanjali upwards of 2000 years ago. Ashta means “eight” and anga means “limb”. Patanjali laid down an 8 limbed path to reach the state of yoga – missing nothing.

Prana can be translated to mean “life force” and yama can be translated to mean “restrain”. All the 8 limbs of yoga are in some way working with prana – to harness, control and direct our inherent power toward uplifting ends; however, pranayama may be the most direct means to accomplish such control because our breath is our most effective tool to access prana. Bandhas (energy locks) play an integral role here as well. We’ll explore the use of mula (root/pelvic floor), uddyana (flying up/abdomen) and jalandhara (net/throat) bandhas to deepen this experience.

Join me and we’ll investigate these concepts further and work our way through a progression of exercises targeting the breath and how to add pranayama into your yoga practice.

• April 23, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm in Dharma
• $25, 75 min