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Pranayama: The Healing Power of Breath

Learn to use the power of your breath for relaxation, health and transformation.


240 Regency Ct., Ste. 203, Brookfield WI, US 53045

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  • Workshop

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Oct 14 to
Oct 15
23:00 pmto00:15 am

Tuesday, October 15th 6:00-7:15pm CST



Full Description

Prana is your basic life force and pranayam is the science of breath, controlling the movement of prana through the use of breathing techniques. In many languages the words for spirit and breath are the same and in many cultures life is thought to begin with the first breath and end with the last. The breath is a powerful tool and one that impacts health and healing, because how you breathe both reflects that state of the nervous system and influences that state of the nervous system.

In this Kundalni Yoga workshop you will:

*Learn about the principles of pranayam and why different breath sequences are used
*Experience the power of the breath with a yoga set to give you “New Lungs & Circulation” to rebuild your health system and prepare the lungs for the excellent practice of pranayama
*Explore pranayam techniques and their impact on your body and mind in the basic breath series – an entire kriya utilizing pranayam techniques

New to Kundalini Yoga? No worries. If you can breathe and lean in the right direction of the exercise, you will get benefits! No particular level of physical fitness is necessary. Since you can only be where you are in any given moment, you start wherever you’re at and build from there. Bring a cotton blanket, towel or yoga sticky mat along with a water bottle and wear comfortable clothes.