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Pranayama, Yoga & Sound Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

Pranayama, Yoga and Sound Retreat
We will spend 5 full days together, merging into the depth of the breath. The breath is one of the most powerful tools we have and most of the time we are not aware of it. Once we bring awareness to the breath magic can happen.

Pranayama I Yoga I Mantras I Breathwork I Dance
4th -10th Novemeber 2018 in Spain


Nov 4 to
Nov 10
14:00 pmto12:00 pm

5 day 6 nights at the cortijo.

Yoga, pranayama and meditations, a breath focused retreat - and the evenings for play, dance and singing.


650 €

Full Description

Covered topics:

Pranayama, such as bhastrika, (bellow breath) Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing), ect.
The use of the bhandas (locks) in connection to the breath , khumbaka (breath retention), includes practising uddiyana bhanda (the belly lock)
Belly Breathing (Full Yogic Breath)
Breathing Anatomy / Nervoussystem
Rebirthing Breathwork Ceremonies (conscious connected breath)
Hatha Yoga with Kundalini Elements (Lineage of Dhirendra Bhramachari)
Yin Yoga as a balanced practise to integrate the breath
Diaphragm/Psoas releasing techniques
Dancing and celebration
Mantra chanting

Let’s connect to this life energy with our whole being and explore all the facets of it.

You will learn theoretical parts about the breathing anatomy and the connection to our nervous system. Mainly we will spend time to explore those different practises and feel the powerful effects of it. This is a week long immersion to learn, deepen and explore the breath.

Breathwork enables us to go deeper into our inner being. In Breathwork Ceremonies we can learn how to free ourselves from old beliefs, overcome birth traumas, learn more about our own personal law and become more conscious and alive with our breath. We integrate the power of affirmations, the 5 emotions and various practical exercises to deepen the connection to ourselves and others.

You will leave with simple tools which allow you to connect with your true self, bringing you into a deeper state of happiness.

The goal of this retreat is to achieve more practise, more understanding around the breathing practises in Yoga and daily life.

Through deeper breathing and breathing techniques you are able to…

… gain more energy

… reduce stress levels

… get a deeper understanding about the breath

….give your body a reset, mentally, physically and emotionally

… improve your digestive system

… release old pattern

… clear your mind

… improve your sleeping quality

… become more present

… connect with your feelings

…. and hopefully enjoy some blissful, playful and happy moments !


We all naturally contribute to this beautiful coming together in nature, something which is definitely worth celebrating! There will be time to relax by the pool, nourish our bodies with amazing food and dance into ecstasy with heart touching music.

Please note, we do not serve any alcohol and also ask you to be free of alcohol and drugs for your stay with us.

Our workshops offer high quality material and will be facilitated by international teachers. Our teachers bring variety and a background of many years working with transformation and healing. This retreat is suitable for beginners in yoga and healing work and also helps to develop advanced practitioners.

We will create a sense of being at home and being held in a sacred space to allow transformation to happen. We will be a unified family and welcome a range of age, culture and background to experience this magical journey together.