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Precision Alignment Yoga Teacher Training @ The Yoga Shed, Deland, Fl

300hr Precision Alignment Yoga teacher training certification at The Yoga Shed in Deland Florida!
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The Yoga Shed
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1407 flightline blvd, DeLand FL, US 32724

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  • Teacher Training

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Sep 9 to
Nov 20
19:00 pmto17:00 pm

300hr Precision Alignment Yoga teacher training certification.
Conducted over 9 x WEEKEND INTENSIVES

(must complete all weekend intensives plus additional training requirements to receive certification). Note: missed sessions can be recorded so you can catch up)
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Early Bird special available - Pay in full by July 1st 2016 - $2400 ($200 saving)

Full Description

The Yoga Shed, home of The Southern Institute for yoga instructors (SIYI) is hosting the next Precision Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Certification starting 2016! Conducted by SIYI Director Emma Tranter this course is in the Intensive format, and will be conducted over 9 x Weekend Intensive trainings. In completion of all requirements you will be awarded the SIYI 300hr Teacher Training Certification. (see course layout and content for more details) You don’t have to know that you want to become a Teacher to participate in this training, while the training is designed to produce quality Professional Yoga Teachers, this can also simply be an excellent way to deepen your personal practice while expanding your knowledge of what Yoga is really all about! As an aspiring Yoga teacher or a dedicated yoga practitioner looking to deepen your practice, our 300hr program will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and experiences of what we consider the basic foundational principles of yoga. You will learn essential elements to grow your practice and deepen your understanding of yoga. As a precision alignment yoga school we focus our asana training strongly on the principles of anatomical alignment, we believe that aligning the physical body allows us to align our subtle energy body, which can in turn align our mental and emotional bodies. With the physical body supported, the energy flowing freely our thoughts and emotional in balance we are then able to move towards health. Yoga does not simply start and finish with postures. It is a holistic system and philosophy and at the heart of that system you will find what is called the 8 limbs of yoga. The 8 limbs of yoga include Asana (Postures) Pranayama (Mindful breathing & control of Energy through restraint of breath.) Niyamas (Observences of practices.) Yamas (Restraints) Pratyahara (Withdrawl of the senses or turning inward.) Dharna(Concentration or one pointed focus) Dhyana(Meditation) and Samadhi (Total absorbtion or union of the self.) During our teacher training program you will be introduced to various different practices in order to give you the tools to explore further the many avenues that Yoga offers. You are by no means expected to become a master in all areas of Yoga, in fact we know this is almost impossible, however our intention is to inspire educate and motivate you to become the best teacher that you can be. Our teacher training program will prepare you to teach safely, confidently and knowledgeably. We believe the commitment to the personal practices of asana, pranayama, yamas and niyamas and meditation is essential to the professional and personal growth of each individual in our program. Our hope is that each participant will be inspired to earnestly pursue these ends of professional development and personal growth in order to maintain the ongoing focus of creating balance, peace of mind and wholeness, both internally and externally.
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