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Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training - Comprehensive

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training
Supporting the Mind-Body through the Continuum of
Fertility, Ante-Natal, Birth and Post-Natal Yoga

with KeiShana Coursey, Amy Massey, Amy Morice and Karla Brodie


St Heliers Community Centre304864
100 St Heliers Bay Rd - St Heliers, Auckland AUK, NZ

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

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Oct 26 to
Nov 3
07:00 amto18:00 pm

Two 4-Day Weekends 2019
Saturday to Tuesday: 26-29 October
Thursday to Sunday 31st October-3rd November
Lunch Breaks are from 1-2pm



Full Description

For Yoga teachers who are passionate about women’s health, this programme provides the necessary components to create your fertility, pregnancy, and postnatal yoga classes.

You will receive a comprehensive awareness of the physical, mental and emotional considerations attributed to the continuum of a pre-and-post pregnant Self.

Whilst this programme explores Yoga’s potentiality to address primary health outcomes of fetal and maternal wellness, you’ll be taken well beyond anatomy and asana, into the transition from maiden to mother. Thus enabling you to create a safe container for this journey. The process of life is indeed birth and death, to birth your Self once more.

If you’re a Yoga teacher who feels anxious when someone say’s they’re pregnant and you wonder what you should be saying, how to adjust your class or how to even create a class suitable for pregnancy - then this comprehensive teacher training is for you.

This programme includes and is not restricted to the following:

Understanding the physiological effect of hormones that challenge infertility, and changes that occur during pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding.

The pregnancy continuum affects every single anatomical body system. An appreciation of this extraordinary adaptation will enhance your ability to facilitate.

We will specifically explore pelvic floor, psoas, uterus, breast, centre of gravity effects on skeletal changes, and journey through the body systems.

Body diaphragms:
Practices that focus on increasing awareness of these diaphragms and their relationship to the body, therefore breath.

Class design and private sessions.

Sequencing and modifications throughout the trimesters and beyond birth.

Class Structure:
Exploring themes (teaching threads and loops).

Inner resource, intention and connection.

Sensory Mapping:
Cultivating a positive birth mind-set by utilising multi-sensory mapping.

How we do Life is how we do Birth:
Addressing thought, belief and behaviour in application to yoga.

Infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth and birth trauma:
Loss, acceptance and trauma-informed yoga.

The Culture of Birth Fear:
Understanding and supporting (from anxiety to confidence).

Optimal Fetal Positioning:
What hinders and helps the most common birth complication.

Restorative Yoga:
Creating the container for rest, repair and reset (props and support for pregnancy).

Breathing practices to avoid and how to support this continuum.

Embodiment of the Feminine Divine (East meets West and how you find your space within).

Preparation, integration and the power of your language.

Ayurvedic principles infused throughout this training add another layer of awareness and alchemy between modern science and time-honoured wisdom. Deepen your understanding of conception, pregnancy and postpartum with insights from Ayurvedic philosophy and an exploration of Ayurveda’s nourishing traditions of care.

Circle of Change:
Personal Birth Processing - decompressing current expectations and unconscious demands of how pregnancy/birth, others and life should be. Birthing yourSELF into the art and science of Yoga.

Assessments will be both internal and external. A chance to practice and demonstrate whilst in your training, totally supported by the highly skilled team of trainers so you graduate feeling confident and prepared. External assessments will surround the training and ensure your knowledge and understanding of practices and principles for the Pregnancy Continuum.

KeiShana is a women’s’ health professional who has lived in the world of childbirth since her own pregnancy, near seventeen years ago. Until recently she practiced as a midwife in the community, focusing on homebirth and primary unit birth, until crossing the bridge into Christchurch Women’s Hospital, catching babies on the Birthing Suite and in theatre.

Having specialised in PTSD, trauma release (alongside generalised motivational sessions), as a coach her private work drew her out of the public health sector - where she continues to pour her passion into mind and body-based therapies.

“KeiShana never seems to utter a word that doesn’t have a powerful impact on the listener.”
Sonya Simpson, at the Hauora Yoga Conference

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