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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Cusco, Peru

This is a complete and comprehensive prenatal training that offers you the tools to understand the whole pregnancy process, to teacher yoga to pregnant women with confidence in a safe way with plenty of modifications for the yogic postures, and to learn about births, anatomy of pregnancy and so many more


Cruz verde quehuapay, Cusco PE 11111
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  • Teacher Training

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Jul 20 to
Jul 28
09:00 amto07:30 am

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Full Description

* Yoga and pregnancy:
- Why Yoga Prenatal?
- Concept & benefits.
​* Before being pregnant:
- Preconception health, prenatal tests, preconception diet.
- Understanding the menstrual cycle and the ovulation, getting pregnant, being healthy with exercises.
* Anatomy & Physiology during pregnancy:
- Foetal positions, delivery complications.
- The different ways to give birth.
- Pregnancy complications and common discomforts.
* Pelvis:
- Pelvic Anatomy.
- Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
* Labor and childbirth:
- Anatomy & Physiology of labor.
- Vertical or horizontal birth?
- Complications, C-section,
- Baby's presentations
- Labor & movements.
* Asanas:
- Appropriate postures for each trimester.
- Proper alignment for each asana.
- Modifications, benefits and contraindications.
- Partner asanas.
- Yoga with an exercise ball.
* Pranayama:
- Appropriate breathing techniques during pregnancy and labour.
* Savasana:
- Restorative postures.
* Meditation for pregnancy.
* Hatha, Iyengar & Vinyasa Flow Prenatal Yoga:
- Learning sequences.
- Students practice.
* Methodology of teaching.
* Postpartum:
- Physiology of the mum after giving birth.
- Doing yoga after a natural birth & a C-section.
- Diastasis Recti.
- Yoga postnatal
- Mums & babies Yoga.