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Radiantly Alive Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

The Dolphin Method Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is a 10 day training which is intended for Yoga instructors* who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of their pregnant yoga practitioners, and safely guide them through all 3 trimesters of a healthy and active prenatal yoga class as well as addressing the needs of the postnatal student. All qualified graduates of this 85-hour training are eligible for the


Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio
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Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio, Jl. Jembawan no 3, Ubud ID 80571

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  • Teacher Training



Jun 8 to
Jun 18
02:00 amto06:30 am



All inclusive of above
Prenatal only:

$1,275 - (if registering with deposit by January 25, 2015)
$1,450 - (if registering with deposit by April 25, 2015)
$1,525 - (if registering with deposit after April 26, 2015)


Fees (in US Dollar)
Does not include accommodations, meals, prerequisite books for reports or travel to and from Bali or the Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio.

Full Description

Students will learn how to safely guide women in working with their individual changing bodies, helping to prepare them for labor and birth. We will train you to teach Prenatal Yoga in your own style, how to cue pregnant women in regular yoga classes, as well as how to teach the Dolphin Method Prenatal Vinyasa Style.

In her Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga trainings, Jennifer adapts Vinyasa Yoga for the needs of pregnant women, providing a system that works with the pregnant body without sacrificing the intensity that is needed to prepare for childbirth. This unique approach to prenatal yoga gives pregnant women the opportunity to safely remain active and challenged in their practice. The strengthening that occurs in this Prenatal Yoga practice prepares the necessary muscles for labor and childbirth, often resulting in shorter labor, less pain, fewer interventions, and a decrease in the need for Cesarean sections. Learning to link breath and movements in a constant flow greatly increases the ability for women to work with their bodies, increasing the likelihood of a more natural and positive birth experience.

It is important to know how to teach pregnant women of all fitness levels, from those who just stepped into a yoga class for the first time to experienced practitioners with a strong practice. Jennifer's 18 years of experience as a yoga teacher and extensive experience in guiding pregnant women and training prenatal yoga teachers will be shared with you via classroom lecture, daily prenatal yoga practice, incredible birth and pregnancy stories, and multimedia presentations. She will be your personal guide, as you become an amazing prenatal yoga instructor! The 85 hour Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Training is augmented with a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and labor that will give you a more complete understanding and greater confidence in teaching yoga to pregnant women.

Eligible Participants:

200 hour yoga teacher or equivalent*

Yoga Teachers:

200 hour yoga teacher training or equivalent*

This course is designed for people who are already certified yoga teachers, and therefore possesses knowledge in yoga poses and yoga philosophy.
There will not be extra time spent teaching basic poses. It is assumed that students will already possess this knowledge.

Non-Yoga Teachers:

For those in the childbirth field (Doulas, Midwives, etc) who would like to attend this training, please feel free to join in the class and be advised of that the course is tailored towards the above.
Non-yoga teachers will not be certified to teach prenatal yoga. You will, however, receive a certificate indicating that you have completed this training course. With those caveats stated, we welcome your presence in our class, as there is much valuable information to be gained, and your insights as a childbirth professional will benefit our group experience. Thank you for your understanding, and we are happy to have you as part of our group.


100% attendance to all components of the Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga training is required to become eligible for the certificate of completion which enables you to register with Yoga Alliance as a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher).


The Dolphin Method™ is a series of 12 principals that, when utilized, can dramatically improve the quality of women's pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum experiences. Since 1999, Jennifer has dedicated her life to improving women's birthing experiences, weaving in her years of training and practice as a hypnotherapist and yoga teacher with a quest for truth and good research; sifting through the myths, facts and benefits of beliefs and practices in pregnancy and birth. Through her discernment, ongoing research and practice, Jennifer has created a method for pregnant women to engage in a safe and challenging vinyasa yoga practice to prepare for labor, much like a marathon runner trains for race day.

The Dolphin Method increases the likelihood of a positive and enjoyable labor and birth. In addition to her expertise in Prenatal Yoga, Jennifer has applied her techniques and philosophy in over 450 births and 10,000 hours of labor she's attended as a Doula and the thousands of students she's trained all over the world.

Why Dolphin? Dolphins are nature's midwives, helping each other give birth and, in some cases, even helping humans give birth! The Dolphin Method embraces the wisdom of pregnancy and birth innate in each of us. By training in the Dolphin Method as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher, you will be a part of a beautiful ripple effect improving women's experience of birth. This positive pregnancy and birth experience benefits the health and empowerment of mothers, babies, families and communities around the planet.

When you take Dolphin Method Prenatal Yoga with us, you join our Dolphin Method Circle of Teachers all over the world and plug-into the wealth of experience and support we have to offer, including private forums, a listing in our member directory, and discounts on additional trainings.

This Comprehensive Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training includes:

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga ~ Asana and Flow
Prenatal variations and alternatives
Teaching Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga
Teaching Gentle Prenatal Yoga
Poses that pregnant students should avoid
Pregnancy precautions and warning signs
Being responsible with your pregnant students
Modifications for pregnant students attending regular flow yoga classes
Different levels/different bodies
Class sequencing
Modifications for each of the 3 trimesters
Yoga for common pregnancy discomforts
Psoas in motion
Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic teaching

Intro to Childbirth Education

Understanding the pregnant body
Understanding prenatal procedures and complications that your students will be experiencing
Stages and phases of labor
Common pregnancy discomforts, health concerns, and precautions
Warning signs of prenatal health issues
Pregnancy exercise myths vs. facts
Keeping pregnant women safe and working with the medical community

Pregnancy Anatomy

Understanding the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles as they relate to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
Fetal position variations
How to achieve and maintain optimal baby positioning
Muscle release techniques
Labor Anatomy, understanding labor and childbirth

Partner Yoga

Prenatal partner yoga and adjustments
Yoga and massage during Labor
Beyond prenatal yoga asana ~ Relaxation techniques for childbirth

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal precautions
Postnatal asana and flow
Diastasis recti identification and treatment
Yoga after cesarean birth or other medical interventions
Teaching mixed pre and postnatal classes

Yoga Alliance Accredited School

This is a registered program with Yoga Alliance. This teacher-training program is internationally accredited, have exclusive recognition and qualify for 85-hour Yoga Alliance Prenatal Registration. Yoga Alliance is an international governing board for yoga teachers and training programs in the United States and the rest of the world. Graduates of our program who have demonstrated an understanding of the material and complete all requirements will be eligible to register as a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance.

Becoming a RPYT increases your status, brings you international recognition as a yoga teacher and optimizes your opportunities for employment as a yoga teacher worldwide. For more information, please visit: