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Rajasthan Yoga Retreat with Zubin Atré

A ten-day residential workshop in Rajasthan, India exploring Atré Yoga, a yoga style that suits our individual lifestyles and physiques.


252A, Nanak Bhavan, second floor, New Delhi Delhi, IN 110049
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  • Retreat

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Oct 31 to
Nov 10
23:45 pmto13:45 pm

What: A ten-day residential workshop in Atré Yoga, exploring yoga that suits our individual lifestyles and physiques.

Activities: Individual adjustments, biomechanics, Pranayam sun-salutation workshop, partner yoga.

Where: Meeting at Atré Yoga Studio in Delhi, India to retreat in Nawalgarh, Rajasthan

When: 1-10 November 2014.

Language: English.

Facilitators: Zubin Atré, Sara Zennaro
For queries contact or 9958 937 036.


1,000 €

Costs include yoga tuition, accommodation and food costs and transportation from Delhi to retreat in Rajasthan and back to Delhi for the retreat.
(Additional travel/leisure activities etc. at your own cost).

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What is Atré Yoga?

Atré Yoga is a method that approaches yoga with a structured series of 42 asanas developed by Zubin Atré. This asana series is designed with variations on flexibility, strength, balance, and breath based on in-depth awareness of the human anatomy and movement.

Adjustments are the key element setting Atré Yoga apart from other yoga practices. Teachers of the Atré Yoga method correct and refine your asanas so that you breathe more easily in various poses and get their maximum benefit. Pranayam is also incorporated into the practice to help you explore the untouched corners of every asana you practice through an awareness of breath.

Atré Yoga also approaches asanas with special attention to biomechanics. By referring to anatomical detail, noting which muscles are activated and stretched, Atré Yoga refines and adjusts asanas to make them more effective. (A complete cycle to which this approach has been devoted and shared is the Biomechanics of the Sun Salutation.)

The environment maintained in classes is one of positivity and encouragement. To make sure each practitioner receives individual attention, Atré Yoga prefers classes with few students. Sessions typically have up to eight students at a time. Practitioners perform asanas at their own level in the same class. With no levels and no competition, Atré Yoga is for everyone.

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What will we do at the Atré Yoga workshop?

▪ Deepening our relationship with the wider natural world – including a whole day solo

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▪ Language will be English.
▪ Note that accommodation for this workshop will be
▪ Cost

If you have any questions about the workshop, please send an email to:

Zubin Atré distils 7,000 hours of yoga teaching experience into a precise science through Atré Yoga. His unique method comprises of a set of 42 asanas designed with variations that help students address their individual needs. Zubin Atré’s yoga practice comes from an awareness of the human anatomy that he directs towards his students’ wellbeing. Understanding the physics of force and movement behind asanas helps Zubin Atré take students through his series safely. With his perceptive and skillful adjustments, students find asanas easier to perform and can breathe easily in the poses. His enthusiasm for his practice has led Zubin Atré to translate yoga into creative and customized yoga practices for individuals and groups alike.

For registrations / questions, please contact:
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