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Release and Awaken: A Sacred Medicine Journey

Join us for a 9- day ayahuasca retreat in Pucallpa, Peru. We help you both prepare for ceremonial experiences and integrate the teachings from your journeys. We offer yoga, energy healing, meditation, breath work, qi gong, and dance during the retreat.


Amazon jungle452817
Pucallpa, Pucallpa Ucayali, PE

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  • Retreat

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Jan 29 to
Feb 6
04:00 amto04:00 am



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Full Description

At this time, many of us are asking ourselves "Why am I here on this planet? What is my unique purpose?" We are diving deep into self-inquiry and spiritual healing in hopes of unearthing the life we are truly meant to live.

We invite you to join us on Release and Awaken: A Sacred Medicine Journey. On this journey, you will join others who are on a similar path. Together we explore what it means to be alive in this time.

We will work with the sacred plant medicine - ayahuasca, which comes from deep within the heart of the Amazon through thousands of years of indigenous wisdom. This medicine helps us to develop a more profound understanding of who we are. It guides us to make powerful shifts in our consciousness and helps us unravel blockages that have been in the way of us truly living in our purpose.

On this journey, you will:
- Release energetic and emotional blockages
- Awaken to who you truly are, your purpose and your gifts
- Heal old wounds and thought patterns by letting go of the past
- Discover the gifts and teachings inside the wounds
- Connect with higher energies (God, the Universe, Divine, Great Spirit, your higher self)
- Get in touch with your body's innate intelligence and heal physical ailments
- Learn to follow your intuitive guidance and trust your heart
- Alter your understanding of your relationships: to self, partner, friends, family, time, the Earth and the cosmos
- Connect with a community of people who can support you through your journey
- Create powerful partnerships with like-minded people
- Learn how to integrate the teachings back into your life, creating what you desire

This retreat is designed to help you remember who you are and awaken to your truth- that you are an innately intelligent and powerful human being. We are all unique and there is no one way to heal and transform. As we work with consciousness and plant medicines, it is vital to keep energy flowing on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. While working with consciousness and plant medicines, it is vital to keep energy flowing. We help you both prepare for ceremonial experiences and integrate the teachings from your journeys. We offer yoga, meditation, breath work, qi gong, sound healing and dance during the retreat. We will also lead sessions to further support you in working with your consciousness and your energy fields, honor your ancestors, offer prayers, create a vision for your life and other topics that arise during your time in the jungle.

For those seeking an additional level of support, we offer private energy healing sessions. In these sessions, we work with you one-on-one to help integrate ceremonial experiences and re-balance your energetic field after ceremony, as well as help unravel any limiting patterns or emotional blockages experienced in and out of ceremony. You will expand your own awareness of your energetic body and consciousness, which you then carry into ceremony and out into your life.

We journey to the Amazon jungle to experience it's raw aliveness. It's lush vibrant vegetation and the melodic sounds of the birds remind us of our connection to all living things. Ayahuasca teaches us to embody this innate connection and honor all of life on this planet.

Ceremonies are guided and held by the indigenous Shipibo who live in the communities of the central Amazon. They have trained, often for decades, in the wisdom of ayahuasca and other master teacher plants. During ceremony, they sing traditional icaros, or healing songs, to guide you on your healing journey. As needed, they will help you individually during ceremony to purify and release any energies that are no longer serving you.

Release and Awaken: A Sacred Medicine Journey includes:
- 9-day, 8-night all-inclusive retreat at a center near Pucallpa, Peru
- 4 ayahuasca ceremonies with indigenous Shipibo
- All dieta meals (including vegetarian, gluten-free)
- Shared accommodations with electricity
- Transportation to and from the Pucallpa airport
- Yoga, meditation, breath work and qi gong classes
- All workshops during the retreat
- Group processing and community support
- Energy healing and bodywork sessions at additional cost

COST: $1600 (Airfare not included)

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Jaime Lehner, MBA, MS, helps people reconnect to who they truly are, align their lives with their soul’s calling and live in their true power. She uses a unique combination of energy and consciousness work, counseling and coaching to mentor men and women around the world to design a life of purpose and fulfillment. She has been working with sacred plant medicines in Peru for the last 5 years and has guided dozens in their work with ayahuasca. The teachings of the plants are often an integral part of her work with clients. She is a certified counselor through Interchange Counseling Institute, a certified yoga instructor through World Shamanic Yoga Institute and is completing certification in energy medicine through Luminous Body Integral School of Energy Medicine. Her higher purpose is to help people transform at the root of their being, so that their personal transformation ripples out into their interactions with others, their communities, and their relationship with the earth.

Jaime's own soul journey started while working for 10 years as a business consultant and environmental engineer where she was unsatisfied and driven to find a way to feel like she was truly contributing to the planet. She explored yoga, meditation, counseling, plant medicines and energy work. She adventured out across the globe teaching yoga in the heart of the Amazon; installing solar panels in rural Nicaragua; working with a women's fair trade clothing co-op in Peru; and most recently supporting entrepreneurs in Kenya. She dedicates a portion of her profits to environmental and humanitarian projects in South America and Africa. For more information, see

From the beginning of time, humans have used the sacred ability to connect deeply to one another to touch the inner realms of the soul, accessing information and wisdom to help heal, illuminate, and guide one another through periods of change, healing and transformation. Arturo is one of those souls, deeply connected to the inner visionary realms of Spirit. From a young age, he has been in touch with his spiritual sensitivity and has learned to channel these gifts into spiritual strengths. He uses his ability to connect to himself and others on a soul level to assist those who are seeking healing, understanding, direction and inspiration through different mediums at the Spirit Dreamer Healing Studio in Chicago, which he opened in 2012 after spending time unraveling deeper into shamanic healing practices and sacred plant medicine ceremony with the Shipibo shamans of the Ucayali region of Peru.

Born into a family and culture with ancient roots in curanderismo, mediumship, and folk healing, Arturo began to follow the call to understand his fascination and connection to the spirit realm by diving into metaphysics, divination and astral travel in his early teen years. Over the past twelve years, he has followed his love and his passion for spirituality and has grown and developed his gifts in yoga, divination, energy work, shamanic healing, and sacred plant medicine ceremony, working and has learned from master teachers, shamanic healers and the respective journeys that have taken him from the Amazon jungle of Peru to the Himalayan mountain range of northern India as well as all over Mexico, Central America and the Unites States. Arturo currently teaches and connects with others for sessions at the Spirit Dreamer Healing studio in Chicago as well through distance work with others on an international level. His aim is to continue sharing his work on a global scale and most importantly, invite others to join in and experience their own sacred journey along the way through retreats, classes and sacred journeys across the world. For more information, see