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Are you experiencing sore, tight shoulders? A pain in the neck? Upper and lower back niggles? Then this workshop is for you!


Sarah Burgess Yoga online8257889
East London, London GB

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Feb 28
15:30 pmto17:30 pm


Sunday 28th February 2021

15h30-17h30 UK time



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Tightness, tension and stress in our neck, shoulders and back is very common these days and even more so at the moment as many of us are working from home, sitting at dining tables or on sofas as we try to find a comfortable way to work and often fail.

In addition to that, tension in this area is a very common response to stress, as the shoulders tighten and our breath becomes shallower as a result.

In this workshop we will look at many different ways to release this tension and tightness and to bring more freedom and a feeling of lightness and space to your neck, shoulders and upper back.

We will do some longer held restorative postures to encourage a deep release of tension and opening of this area, and also look at lots of poses and stretches that you can do at home to counteract the effects of working long hours at a computer.

Regular practice of these poses and stretches will help to improve your posture, lower and loosen your shoulders and to find more ease and space in your upper body.

The workshop will also be very useful for mothers with babies and toddlers who often encounter stiff and sore necks, shoulders and upper backs from holding, feeding and carrying their babies and toddlers.

As stress is also a major factor in contributing to tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back we will also focus on some simple methods of breathing and relaxation that can easily be practised at home and which can help release deep holding from the neck and shoulder area.

We will finish with a long relaxation to really allow any last remnants of tension to fully melt away.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, and complete beginners are very welcome.

Please email me for more details or to book a place: