Harmony at all levels:
Four steps support you in building health for mind, body and soul. Caution! Moments of happiness and contact with your essence and others are waiting for you.


Mar 22 to
Mar 29
16:00 pmto11:00 am


1,900 €

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Longing for more lightness:
Do you sometimes feel exhausted, irritable or restless? Many women have learned, in accordance with the dominant culture, to react to external demands with more and more performance. This does not correspond to our cyclical nature and leads to tension, mental restlessness and insecurity.

The magic of letting go:
Relax your nervous system with us. We accompany you into the feminine power of letting go. In doing so, you uncover the original source of your flow of life.

Surrender to the flow of life:
When was the last time you followed your needs, longings and original life dreams?

Power through wholeness:
We let feminine values ​​lead us to liveliness and clarity. Love yourself with all your facets and experience comprehensive well-being.

7 days holistic yoga & family constellation:
With 15-20 strong women in the tribe we remind each other of our life force. We create a place of security.

In 4 will experience effective methods that you can take with you into your everyday life, including meditations, asanas, breathing exercises, self- and co-regulation

Experience moments of synchronicity:
Draw attention to your inner peace and experience how you receive everything at the right time.

Teaching language is German.
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