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Restorative Yoga workshop

Last week of the month, last day of the working week, evening.
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~ Mindfulness practice: to increase focus and clarity
~Restorative Yoga - to release unnecessary tension
~Breath work - to create a sense of space and peace
~Time for a cup of tea and some fruit
~Yoga Massage - to tune to the feelings of kindness, care and wonder
~Tibetan Bowl Massage - to deepen the sense of ease


Loudwater farm, Rickmansworth England, GB WD3 4HG

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  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



Sep 27
11:30 amto11:30 am

Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
27th Sep - Bodyscape, awareness of sensations (annamaya kosha)

25th Oct-Breathscape, awareness of breath&energy (pranamaya kosha)

29th Nov - Mindscape, awareness of feelings, emotions and thoughts (manomaya kosha)

31st Jan - Scape of insights, awareness beyond knowing (vijnanamaya kosha)

28th Feb - Heartscape, awareness of connection, gratitude, joy, courage & love (anandamaya kosha)
28th March- Nowscape, choiceless awareness (sat-chit-ananda)



per 1 workshop

Full Description

"The body holds the mind just as the mind contains the body. In deep quietude the mind can free the body of it’s holding; just as in deep grounding and surrender the body can unlock the deepest secrets of the mind" Stephen Levine

During the day we shrink from lack of breathing, lack of time, lack of attention, lack of kindness. The grip of our muscles, grip around our breath, grip around our life stories is held by the habitual tendency of our mind to be elsewhere, to have things otherwise, to strive for what we don’t have. Immersed in the sea of constant “doing” we miss just resting in the state of simple being, time in which we allow all the "doing" to stop.

Using the tools of restorative yoga, gentle yoga movements, breath work, yoga massage and mindfulness we are able to reverse this process, to unwind the grip of our everyday life and learn how to enter a deep yet attentive state of relaxation. By consciously coming back to this state of deep ease, we can establish a familiar feeling tone that we can return to over and over again.

When we allow the body and mind to come to rest in the moment, no matter what is "on" our mind or how our body feels, we can tune in to the basic experience of living and simply allow ourselves to be in the moment with things exactly as they are, without trying to change anything…and then everything