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Restorative Yoga Workshop

Dive into an experience of a complete restorative practice. With a help of gravity, props, and passive stretches, the body slowly lets go of resistance at the places where it accumulates stress and tension, paving the way for deep healing to occur.


Gusshausstraße 2 XI-IX, Wien Wien, AT 1040
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  • Workshop

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Sep 24 to
Sep 26
08:00 amto16:00 pm

lunch break 10:45-12:45


180 €

47 Euros per session, or 180 Euros for all 4.

Full Description

Over the weekend you will learn how to enter, maintain and exit many different restorative poses that deal with stress, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, menstrual discomfort, difficulty to breath deeply, and shoulder and back pain.

You will learn different sequences, which you can then make into a daily routine, in order to feel the profound healing effect on your whole body-mind-soul structure.

The program:
Saturday 8:00-10:45
Restorative yoga for shoulder and back pain
Saturday 13:00-16:00
The teaching tools and guidelines
Examining the benefits of restorative poses. Learning how to lead a restorative class, how to use the props, what to be prepared for, how to make the best economy of time and other. Practicing helping a student assume a restorative pose.
(This session is especially recommended to teachers)
Sunday 13:00-16:00
A restorative yoga practice as part of a holistic approach to depression, chronic fatigue and stress
Sunday 13:00-16:00
1. A general restorative practice for headache, insomnia, and menstrual discomfort.
2. Restorative yoga sequence for easy and deep breathing, and as a preparation for meditation.

The faculty:
Maja Zilih (E-RYT 500), a founder of Maya Yoga and Athens Yoga Center, currently living and teaching in Vienna, Austria, teaches yoga and educates yoga teachers on both basic and advanced levels.

Maja is a passionate explorer of yoga as a process of growth. She is most interested in ways that physical alignment, breath attention, mental observation and yoga philosophy can all be combined to help us navigate through life's challenges more skillfully and more efficiently. She aims at raising an understanding that yoga is here to equip us with strength and strategies that we need in order to unfold the process of healing the relationship with ourselves, with others and with the planet.

Maja's teaching method combines effort and dynamism with mindful approach to asana, along with detailed alignment strategies in a comprehensive and applicable way. She always inspires students to discover and unleash their true potential.

Maja's note: The outside world is merely a reflection of our inner state. Increasingly integrating (the seemingly scattered) parts of the self through yoga practices, we begin to see the profound connections and interdependence everywhere we look. From the separation dream we gradually wake up to the fact that our individual spiritual growth is both contributing to, and strongly dependent on the degree of the evolution of the collective. Whether through meditation, mindful asana practice, aware and respectful parenting, acts of self-nurture, being in service to the underprivileged, or through simple random acts of kindness, yoga truly comes alive when the context behind our actions is a desire to contribute to the elevation of the consciousness level of the humanity as a whole.

Anna Petropoulou
Anna teaches hatha, prenatal, partner and restorative yoga. Her first contact with yoga was random- somewhere between dance and gymnastics. Anna's teaching focuses on alignment and draws inspiration from everyday life, indian philosophy and mythology. She has a regular practice and she continues studying and training.
Anna is a surveying engineer and internet radio producer.
"The question I had when I first came to yoga is now my primary concern in teaching: to encourage students to discover their potential and expand the qualities of their practice in their everyday life ."