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Restorative Yoga : Yamas and Niyamas

The Yoga Yamas and Niyamas are the foundation of Yoga – they are ancient yoga philosophies and suggestions for living a better life through yoga.

In these two restorative yoga classes, we will relax the body through a series of soothing, supported poses and weave the Yamas and Niyamas philosophies into our poses. Experiencing these concepts during our yoga practice helps to build awareness of intentionally taking our yoga off the mat and into our daily lives.


6299 N. Federal Hwy, Boca Raton FL, US 33487
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  • General Event

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Feb 21 to
Mar 21
02:30 amto04:00 am

This is a two-part series - attend one, or both!
1 class on Friday February 21, 1 class on Friday March 21.



$20 drop-in or use your class card at the studio.

Full Description

Bring more meaning to your physical yoga practice and consider the Yamas and Niyamas as a blueprint for living a happier life.

Friday, February 21 explores the 5 Yamas: Non-violence, Honesty,
Non-stealing, Moderation and Non-attachment.

Friday, March 21 explores the 5 Niyamas: Purity, Contentment, Self-discipline, Self-study, Surrender.

All levels are welcome, as these poses are mostly sitting or lying on the floor, with plenty of props to support the body and help you release and surrender!

You’re not required to attend both classes, but will benefit greatly if you can experience both.

Restorative Yoga is a meditative practice designed to relax the body, calm the nerves and still the mind. These classes feature soothing, quieting, supported poses to release tension and increase circulation of blood to key organs to help reduce the effects of stress. Restorative yoga can aid digestion, help to balance the endocrine system and boost the immune system. When we take the time to relax and release tension through restorative yoga poses, our bodies are receptive to healing on a deeper level.