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Revive & Revitalize Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

During this Revive and Revitalize Yoga Retreat I’m going to guide you through a complete Mind, Body, Spirit Reset for deep renewal on all levels. We’re going to dive deep into the Spiritual Art and Science of Yoga as a complete practice for radical transformation and soulful liberation.


Nov 19 to
Nov 26
14:00 pmto14:00 pm



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During this Revive and Revitalize Yoga Retreat I’m going to guide you through a complete Mind, Body, Spirit Reset for deep renewal on all levels. We’re going to dive deep into the Spiritual Art and Science of Yoga as a complete practice for radical transformation and soulful liberation.

For seven days and nights we will journey through the layers of the Self, both seen and unseen, to release old holding patters and relax into new ways of being. Prepare for a renewed sense of self and revitalized soul power as we drink from the fountain of Yoga as a source for sustenance, strength and sovereignty.

Yoga is more than a physical practice, it’s a spiritual path and way of life. I believe it goes way beyond the mat, or studio, or retreat center. It goes deep to the center of the self and how we think, feel, act, and create in this world in every moment.

This Yoga Retreat will change your life.

For me, yoga is a way of life. It’s a journey that guides the Soul through the many layers of being, to the core of the essential self. During that journey, we begin to shed old skins and false identities, we conquer limiting beliefs and begin to understand just how powerful we are as a force of creation in the world.

Yoga is a practice that goes way beyond the mat, or studio, or retreat center. It goes deep to the center of the self and how we think, feel, act, and create in this world in every moment of our lives.

The practices and teachings of yoga have endured the trials of the ages and stood the tests of time and are still actively used today with increasingly awe-inspiring results. The power of a committed practice yields phenomenal results for the dedicated practitioner.

During this Revive & Revitalize Yoga Retreat we will create the atmosphere of profound nurturing on all levels. Our Yoga sessions will flow from deep release and surrender, to empowered strength, renewed vitality and revitalized radiance. Our Transformational Workshops will rekindle the Fires of Spirit and reconnect you to the Powers That Be, awaiting to support you in every moment.

We will continuously cultivate wealth from within as we merge with Source, harmonize all aspects of being, and unite with the Magic of Life. Prepare to journey into your soul depths and rise into your spiritual heights, as we weave our own unique threads into the great tapestry of existence on the great adventure of your own becoming.

This Revive & Revitalize Yoga Retreat is ideal for new and advanced practitioners alike. Whether you have just begun your path into the Art and Science of Yoga, or have been practicing for years, there is something for you here.
Ideally, guests with a desire to fully immerse themselves into the daily practices, workshops, and group energy with an open-mind and heart will receive the most from this experience.

The Ideal guest for Revive & Revitalize Yoga Retreat:

· Ready to immerse themselves in the healing Arts & Science of Yoga for complete Mind, Body, Spirit Revitalization

· Prepared to surrender into daily yoga flow for deep release, conscious expansion and soul liberation

· Willing to show-up fully present and committed to participating every day to get the most out of their experience

· Open to sharing your intention, experiences and feedback with others during our opening/closing circles and workshops

· Excited to journey with Shiva, Shakti, and their Union through sacred dance and art during the 3 Transformational Workshops

· Dedicated to taking complete responsibility for their own experience and transformation during the retreat

During this Revive & Revitalize Yoga Retreat guests will journey through the seven main energy centers of the body, known as Chakras. Every day for seven days, guests will learn and practice meditations, breathing practices, specific asanas, and mudras to help balance and energize each of the seven chakras.

We will journey from Root to Crown, renewing and revitalizing the whole of our being to create inner harmony, increased vitality, embodied power and wholesome radiance.

During our Transformational Workshops you will learn to awaken, empower, embody and express your inner Shakti, Shiva and the Divine Union through the practices of Tantric Alchemy. Guests will learn to invoke, activate and embody their inner divine feminine and masculine through the tantric arts of mantra, mudra, meditation, shamanic dance and art.

In this Revive & Revitalize Yoga Retreat you will:
· Enjoy the Art & Science of Hatha-Yoga Vinyasa Flow classes

· Release, let go and surrender into embodied wisdom and soul’s guidance

· Journey from Root to Crown through the seven chakras learning pranayama, mantra, mudra, and asana practices to balance, energize, and empower all aspects of being

· Nurture yourself into states of deep relaxation, inner peace, natural balance, authentic beauty and soulful radiance

· Activate, energize, and empower your Shakti, Shiva, and their Union within through three transformational workshops

· Connect to the path of Yoga as a way of life and spiritual practice on and off the mat

· Cultivate your authentic Self to live a life you love

Anamaya is a Boutique Hotel and transformational Health Resort in one of the world’s most beautiful and charming beach towns, Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Anamaya means “good health” in Sanskrit and during these challenging times, that is more important than ever. At Anamaya, the safety of our guests, and creating a space for healing and relaxation is top priority.
Anamaya is a place to de-stress, and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Anamaya is nestled into the Jungle, overlooking breathtaking ocean views. Anamaya offers organic gourmet meals, a variety of luxurious spa services, specialized workshops, Costa Rican excursions, and more.
Yoga, Tropical Jungle, Pristine Beaches,
And so much

This Yoga Retreat Experience is truly a Journey of Relaxation, Restoration, & Rejuvenation.

Revive & Revitalize Yoga Retreat Includes::

-Opening & Closing Ceremonies to create a Sacred Container for healing, transformation, and empowerment

-7 Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga Flows infused with Tantra & Kundalini practices to awaken, balance, and harmonize all levels of being through the 7 Chakras

-4 Sunset Restorative Yoga sessions after a day of pampering and revitalization including Yoga Nidra, Sound healings and guided meditations

-3 Transformational Workshops to Awaken Shakti, Shiva, and their Divine Union within

-Time to relax, restore, and renew yourself feeling safe, supported, and served

-Incredible Massage and Spa Services

-Salt Water Infinity Pool, Organic food with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options

-Optional Tours of Costa Rica such as surfing lessons, canopy tours, horseback riding, nature hikes, ATV tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, and more.

​From the moment of your arrival, you’ll know you’ve found a very magical place and during your stay at Anamaya, you’ll discover more about the true gifts of life, about yourself, and a few secrets about longevity.

Rest and recharge at Anamaya. Our rooms are all uniquely designed using non-toxic materials and organic fabrics.
Enjoy the comfort and incredible along with prices to suit everyone’s budget.

Individualized Pricing & Accommodation
Options to meet Your Needs

The price of your retreat starts with your BASE RATE (which includes your accommodations and meals). Yoga Classes, Excursions, workshops, and other add-ons you choose to customize your week will be added to your final bill at Anamaya.

At Anamaya we have 15 lovely rooms to choose from that are all unique, eclectic and beautiful. Your accommodation price is based on how many people you share the room with. You get to decide if you want more of a communal room or private room.

These per person base rates include 7 nights accommodation and 3 delicious healthy meals (plus a daily snack) per day. As much of our food as possible is grown at our organic farm and it’s all gluten and dairy free with vegetarian and vegan options. We don’t serve red meat, but do have fresh local fish and chicken.

Most of our guests can’t believe how delicious it is while still being healthy and without gluten or dairy. The food is definitely a highlight of the Anamaya experience!

Dorm Rate:
$795 / $995
per week (plus tax).
We have two lovely “dormitory style” rooms at Anamaya that accommodate 5 women. Both Dorms have stunning ocean views, are a great option for solo travelers and are for women only.

Triple Rate:
$945 / $1,195
per week (plus tax).
We have three rooms at Anamaya that accommodate 3 people… including our amazing treehouse! Each with amazing ocean views that will take your breath away. Our triple rooms are for women only.

Double Rate:
$1,095 / $1,395
per week (plus tax).
Choose one of our beautiful double occupancy cabanas, each with epic views and private bathrooms. These rooms are perfect for couples or BFFs, mother & daughter, etc. They are only booked in pairs.

Single Deluxe:
$1,645 / $1,995
per week (plus tax).
Enjoy everything Anamaya has to offer AND have one of our beautiful deluxe cabanas all to yourself.

-These per person base rates listed above include one week of accommodations (Sat – Sat) and three mouth-watering meals per day.
-13% Tax will be added.
-Classes, workshops, spa treatments, alcoholic drinks or other “extras” are not included in the price.
-Yoga Classes – we offer 1.5 hr Vinyasa Flow classes 6 mornings a week and 1 hr Yin/Restorative classes 4 afternoons a week, for $15/each. If you do 8 the last 2 are free. $120 for 10 classes
-Each Workshop will be approximately 2 hours. Price for individual workshop: $75, Price for all 3 workshops: $150

For more information on Room Options, Tours, and Package Pricing please reach out. Anamaya is a smaller sized boutique resort. Yoga Retreats book up fast! Save your spot by filling out a reservation request form today at:

For questions and other inquiry, connect with Hannah at

Hope to see you there!!!