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Richard Freeman Weekend

Join us for a weekend workshop with the marvelous Richard Freeman. He will be leading various workshops that will help deepen and invigorate any Ashtanga practice.


1081 N. High Street, Columbus OH, US 43201

Type of Event

  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



May 2 to
May 3
02:00 amto09:00 am

Saturday, May 2 from 9:00a to 5:00p and
Sunday, May 3 from 9:00a to 4:00p.



Early bird enrollment if paid in full by March 1: $297.

Full Description

+Detailed Meditative Flow
Saturday Morning
We will start the day with an intricate exploration of the basic postures of the Ashtanga primary series. This universal form of internally integrated yoga postures will be experienced as a continuous joining and separating of masculine and feminine movements, where prana and apana naturally and organically interpenetrate all through the body. Students will learn to pay close attention to the meditative quality of form and movement as a means of bringing refinement to their practice

+Mulabandha, the Belly and Pranayama
Saturday Afternoon
To flow gracefully and effortlessly in and out of poses, it is essential to stay vibrant and grounded in breathing. This class will be based in the strong grounding effect of correct ujjayi pranayama and the essential and elusive activity of the pelvic floor in relation to the palate. We will explore Bandha, Mudra, the deep releasing of the Psoas muscles and the full rhythmic movement of the spine from the pelvic floor through the root of the palate.

+Back Bending and Threads of Energy
Sunday Morning
On Sunday morning, we will spend time energetically exploring the whole body patterns found in back bending, emphasizing the little details that eliminate joint compression and leave you feeling open and clear.

+Inversions and the Palate
Sunday Afternoon
In this class we will refine the Finishing Poses (Inversions and sitting posture) by working the subtle movements of the shoulders, arms, neck, head, spine, tongue and palate. Like a perfect dessert after a fine meal, these gentle subtleties will aid in making Pranayama and meditation natural.