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Rocket Vinyasa Training, 100 hours with Marie Hajjar Director of It’s Yoga International

Marie spent 7 years serving It’s Yoga San Fransisco as an instructor, studio manager, training director and partner to Larry Schultz. She has had the honor of sitting next to Larry in over 40 trainings, and each day lives in gratitude for the many gifts her marriage and practice with Larry has bestowed on her life. It is with this sense of love that she continues to share the gifts of It’s Yoga with the international community and travels the globe to practice and play with the It’s Yoga Family. Her style is sweet, strong and wise as she extends the benefits of Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. She is based in Toledo, Ohio where she opened It’s Yoga Toledo in March of 2012.


km 49 Carretera Montelimar, 14 km al Oeste, Villa El Carmen Managua, NI 00000

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

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Oct 2 to
Oct 10
10:00 amto03:00 am

100 Hours of Rocket Training for practitioners and instructors looking to develop and explore their skills of practice and teaching the world famous Rocket Routines. We will be looking at different keys to unlock our hidden potential, this training will surely “get you there faster!”.



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Training Summary

Sample Schedule
•6.30-7.00 Light first breakfast, fruits and tea
•7:00-9:00: Silent Practice & Follow the Yogi in the It’s Yoga System of Practice
•9:00-10:00 Breakfast Buffet
•10:30-12:30: Practicum 1
•12:30-1:30 Lunch
•1:30 -3:30 Practicum 2
•3:30-4:00 Snack break
•4:00-6:00 Led Practice/Observation
•7:30 Dinner

Course Outline

Program Components

Flying is made possible by combining multiple aspects of yoga that when put together allow you to move and maintain a sense of levitation or flight in your practice. Principals you will learn include:

•Forward and backward bends
•Scripting techniques
•The first chapter of the Sutras of Patanjali
•Practice drills
•140 Ashtanga postures in the Rocket system sequenced by days of the week
•Abdominal strength and control, Full body strengthening including hand, wrist, shoulder, and back development, Stacking methods for inversions, Drishti (the integration of eye focus into your practice).

Learning the “Mechanics of Flight”Flying is the ability to move fluidly through your practice in sections that require balancing on your hands while your feet are off the ground: Areas covered include:

•Weight Transfer into the hands
•Floating back and forth in the Sun Salutations
•Jump backs from seated postures
•Inversions and handstands from standing postures
•Arm balances and inversions from seated positions
•Creating fluid movement throughout you practice
•Floating with control vs. ballistics

Arm Balancing and InversionsBalancing on your hands has many invigorating benefits. Some of the arm balancing and inversion techniques taught include:

•elbow stand
•handstands (multiple variations)
•crow posture
•side crow
•one legged crow
•“crazy eight” posture
•tripod headstand
•peacock posture