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Run to Yoga

Runners! We get up early to log the miles, practice our craft through all weather, push through hard workouts, and constantly fuss over fueling and shoes for the love of our sport. But even the best training and nutrition plans can’t overpower the doubt and ‘what ifs’ on a bad race day.
Join Karen Doehrman for a day of yoga – for runners, by runners – to learn how to use yoga to flex your body and still your mind. This workshop will be divided into three session.


250 Governors Drive Suite K, Huntsville AL, US 35801

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  • Workshop

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Dec 6
05:00 amto09:30 am



Three session class; individual sessions are 20$ each; 50$ for all three.

Full Description

Session One: The Mindful Approach to Running
This class will introduce you to being “mindful.” Do you know how to focus and turn off your brain? Do you know how to breathe? Do you know where your imbalances are? We’ll do a couple of tests to highlight weakness and determine is flexibility your limiter or is strength. Is it your upper leg or lower leg? Maybe you have an injury you are rehabbing or is a chronic problem. You will learn how to modify poses to help you, how to use blocks and straps to make poses accessible and benefit you rather than help you. This session is the athlete’s introduction to yoga.

Session Two: Taking Yoga to the Next Level
Runners struggle in yoga because of their drive to work hard (and sweat!). This power yoga class for “runners” will make you work while we focus on improving strength and flexibility in all the areas you need to maintain peak performance. Expect to feel it the next day in your:
• Hips
• Hip Flexors
• Glutes
• Hamstrings
• Calves
• Core
• Low Back

Session Three: Turning off and Tuning In

“The main benefit athletes get from studying mindfulness is an increased ability to focus.”
Dr Matt MacDonald, Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto

Our final session will focus on two incredibly important but often overlooked applications of yoga – restorative practice and mental training. You’ll be introduced to a gentler side of yoga that allows full relaxation and releasing of tension in your muscles while opening the mind to a form of meditation that is cutting edge in sports psychology and physical training. Then, we will work on your mental training: the power that you possess in your brain to turn down the noise and tap into the power of visualization techniques. If you can’t make any other session – this will be the one that makes the difference on race day.