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Sacred Journey into Tantra

This retreat, open to women, men, singles, couples aims to give you a well-rounded introduction into the world of tantra and tantric hatha yoga from different perspectives and spiritual lineages. Be prepared to let go, study, experience and heal through tantra and yoga. It can be an experience you never forget!


Ovacik Mahallsi Fora Evleri Yasemin Sk 41400 Gebze, Istanbul TR

Type of Event

  • Workshop

Yoga Styles


Sep 12 to
Sep 15
16:00 pmto12:00 pm

Begins at 4pm on Sept 12. Bring a waterbottle and sarong for a sweatlodge to open the event.


275 €

Full Description

Language / Dil : English & Türkçe

Türkçe bilgilendirme aşağı

Daily Program:

Day 1 Sept 12

4:00 pm Check in
4:30 pm Welcome meeting
6:00 pm Dinner
8:00 pm Evening social meditation and steam room

Day 2 Sept 13

8:00 am Osho dynamic meditation
9:30 am Tantric yoga practice
11:00 am Brunch and rest time
2:30 pm What is tantra. Boundaries exercises
4:00 pm Forum sharing
6:00 pm Dinner
8:00 pm Light tantric touch meditation in pairs

Day 3 Sept 14

8:00 am Chakra breathing meditation
9:30 am Tantric yoga practice
11:00 am Brunch and rest time
2:30 pm Affirmations, Nyasa and Chakra preparation for Shakti and Shiva
4:00 pm Sharing
6:00 pm Dinner
8:00 pm Body image exercise and Cuddle puddle

Day 4 Sept 15

8:00 am Kundalini meditation in pairs
11:00 am Brunch
1:00 pm Closing circle
2:00 pm Chill out in Swimming pool
4:00 pm Check out

Tantra and Tantric Yoga

Tantra in Sanskrit means to weave together the divine principles of the masculine and the feminine, and we do this in a variety of ways that teaches us essentially how to love ourselves full and completely. Through meditation, touch, communication, study of how the opposite sex thinks and feels, rituals and pure intentions, a person with an interest in tantra will be rewarded at the right time on his or her path. We offer you an introduction on this vast and sacred subject.
Hatha tantric a yoga is a type of physical yoga that employs body positions known as asanas to study the universe through the human microcosm. Tantric yoga seeks to balance - not renounce – human desires and instincts in an attempt to reach enlightenment through practice. Its rituals encourage its participants to build up kundalini energy in the top chakras so that we are living the highest quality of life as possible, therefore getting what we need on all levels, being generous in our ways and also ethical in our relations. Sublimation practices, such as uddiyana bandha are commonly used in the yoga practices in order to ready the practitioner for:

Asanas/yoga postures for opening and purification of one’s body
Meditation and concentration, to work on presence
Breath expansion, sexual energy sublimation, success in uddiyana bhanda
Mantras which can call in love, attractiveness, partnership
Rituals and intentions to make everyday actions divine

Tantric yoga originates from hatha yoga and worships the dynamic and static principles of the universe: Shakti (dynamic, creative, feminine) and Shiva (static, destructive, masculine). Through the practices and exercises we will continually play between these principles and play with our bodies and each other. This experience will be juicy, testing and expanding. You are totally safe and welcome to experiment.

The study of tantra is vast; this retreat aims to weave in the ancient knowledge of tantra that was previously passed down orally to students who were ready to receive the teachings. We will look at the human embodiment of Goddesses such as Kali and Tara, as well as incorporating the tantric meditation methodologies of Osho Rajneesh in order to bring participants closer to the realization of who they are through exercises aimed at full awareness on the topic of love, body image, societal conditioning and quality of touch with presence.