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Sacred Rest & Healing - Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Come into a space of sacred rest that enables the body & mind to release tension, gripping & deep holding patterns that cause muscle and joint pain as well as physical and mental tension.


150 Murray Street, Hobart, 7000, Hobart AU

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  • Workshop

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Feb 23
11:30 amto13:30 pm



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Eyes closed and covered with an eye pillow.
The body covered with a blanket while gently & totally supported in therapeutic "shapes" by bolsters, pillows and blankets.

We use Restorative Yoga to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system.
This helps to calm the effects of the fight-or-flight stress response that can be so damaging to our physiology and well-being.
Once we calm the stress response the body is able to return to homeostasis (balance) & access it's own innate ability to heal.
Muscles relax releasing tension,the skeleton naturally realigns, blood pressure balances, the mind becomes calm.
It is from this place body and mind begin to heal.

Restorative Yoga also helps us to develop mindful awareness, we come to "feel" our bodies on another level, without judgement.
This experience helps to cultivate acceptance of our body, its miraculous expansiveness as well as its inherent limitations bringing deep calm & peace to the mind

Once the deep state of relaxation has been established, we will move into the practice of Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a full mind and body therapy, a systematic form of guided meditative relaxation and healing which brings about a profound sense of tranquillity, wellness and wholeness.
Clinical studies have proven Yoga Nidra to be effective in assisting with stress, anxiety (including PTSD),sleep disorders,negative moods, menopause, pain, depression & fatigue
and depression.
The heart and breathing rates slow down reducing blood pressure while at the same time blood flow is increased because the blood vessels dilate when the body is relaxed.
Cellular process of absorption and elimination are therefore made more efficient.
The relaxation of the entire muscular system brings relief to aches and pains caused by body stiffness and over exertion.
The endocrinal ( glandular ) system, which coordinates all the body’s functions, and which becomes constantly overused and abused in the course of our daily activities ( especially the adrenal glands ), are given a chance to recuperate and normalise bringing them more into balance.
Yoga Nidra has a profound effect on our mental state due to the deep relaxation we are able to access.
During the practice we are bought into a state of Pratyahara - a state of withdrawal from the external environment, a state where our consciousness expands inwardly. many people experience insights & inspiration during the practice of Yoga Nidra.

It was through my own journey with chronic illness that bought me first to Yoga Nidra & then Restorative Yoga
I have first hand experience of just how much of a difference these practices make to the quality of life for anybody living with the many symptoms of an overburdened nervous system, chronic illness, or a life out of balance due to busyness or stress.
These practices are gifts, they have the capacity to restore energy & wellbeing, transform moods, calm the mind and bring a sense of lightness to the heart.

These workshops are for anybody who would like to experience a bit of bliss & expansion into self.

No Yoga or Meditation experience necessary.