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Sacred Sexuality - 2 day Tantra workshop



During this immersive 2 day workshop, you will be discovering the life-embracing philosophy that is Tantra, and you are invited to celebrate and discover the power


carrer des frares, Prague CZ

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  • Workshop

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Aug 4 to
Aug 5
09:00 amto19:00 pm

The workshop will be two sessions of 3 to 4 hours per day, over 2 days, with a break for lunch and reflection.


197 €

Full Description

Tantra is about evolution, love, surrender, transcending the ego and much more…
During this immersive 2 day workshop, you will be discovering the life-embracing philosophy that is Tantra, and you are invited to celebrate and discover the power of sacred sexuality.


We will introduce you to the secrets of this unique path, and transform lovemaking into a spiritual experience.

You will learn about what Tantra truly is, and how it compares to other spiritual practices.
Practical and theoretical elements are woven in this exciting journey to sacred sexuality.

By the end of the workshop, you will have the tools and knowledge to take your own steps on the tantric spiritual path and begin using sexuality as a liberating spiritual practice.


Important keys concepts of tantric sexuality will be cover in this workshop, like:

- Brahmacharya.
- Sublimation.
- Transfiguration.
- Perception, control, and channeling of energy.
- Development of tantric orgasms.

Hatha Yoga designed especially for sexual vitality and the sublimation of sexual energy will be practiced during the workshop.


Practical takeaways from this workshop will be:

• An understanding of the elements that make sex tantric.
• How to have relationships that encourage growth and spiritual evolution while overcoming inhibitions and limiting beliefs.
• An overview on how to achieve multiple orgasms as a man while retaining your sexual energy.
• The different curves of pleasure for men and women, and how we can bring them into alignment.
• An understanding of the different types of female orgasms and how to experience them and/or help your partner experience them.
• How to experience orgasms that leave you feeling energized instead of drained.


This workshop is for:

- Both singles or couples.
- All genders and sexual orientations are warmly welcome.
- No prior experience in this area is required.
- Open minded people willing to try out some new concepts.
- People who want to spice up their sex life and become a better lover.
- People interested in a profound and mystical way to use sexuality as a spiritual practice.
- Or you are just curious to know about and experiment with tantric sex!
- If you have never experienced an orgasm or are orgasmic ?.


What this is not:

- This has nothing to do with "Tantra Massage" you can find in many places in Prague. This has nothing to do with sexual services.
- This is not another new age, feel-good workshop.
While we have adapted the teachings to make sense in our modern age, we always do our best to ensure that we transmit the knowledge we have received in a way that preserves and respects this ancient tradition.
- There is no nudity or explicit sexual presentations within the class.


The format

The workshop will be two sessions of 3 to 4 hours per day, over 2 days, with a break for lunch and reflection.

In each session, we will have talks covering theory and practical knowledge necessary for tantric practices, as well as practices or exercises to experiment and have a taste of the teaching.

Time will be given for questions and sharing.

We will end our tantric journey with a ritual.

Some exercises will be done in pairs, however, it is not necessary to bring a partner for the workshop. We will do our best to have an even number of men and women for the exercises, however, we cannot guarantee it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer you!


Your Hosts

is a certified yoga teacher and tantra instructor since 2012 from Agama yoga school.
She has over 6 years of experience practicing and leading Yoga classes, Tantra workshops and women's
retreats all over the world (Europe, Thailand, India, Colombia, Canada…).
She has been leading Complete Femininity workshops, the Agama Shakti group, and created the Awakening Of
The Sacred Feminine retreat.

Ishvari has always been curious and thirsty for discovering the world and its many peoples. After years of traveling around the world, she finally discovered spirituality and meditation in Canada. Since then, she has been following her call for the Truth, which brought her to Asia.

She lived in Thailand for 5 years, deeply integrated in a tantric school, where she transformed and rediscovered herself. Her perception of life, spirituality and sexuality totally changed.
Relationships have also been an important part of her spiritual practice, by working on Self reflection, pure
love, surrender…

She believes that by unlocking sexuality, our true and highest nature can be revealed.

Ishvari is now also training in Odissi Classical Indian Dance since 2015 with Colleena Shakti and Sujata Mohapatra in India. This practice of traditional Indian Temple Art deepened her understanding and experience in devotional art, importance of lineage, and surrender.

She is also the founder of a women's clothing line, Ishvari Creations.

is a fitness, nutrition and wellness coach with many years experience helping people come into their true power as human beings. He believes strongly in the power of conscious sexuality as a means for healing and spiritual evolution.

Brett started his career as a software developer, but after discovering the spiritual path, decided to sell everything and become a nomad, free to learn teachings from the best in the world, wherever they may be located. So far he has traveled or lived in over 50 countries and continues to be fascinated and grateful for the unique teachings and perspectives that each culture has to offer.

Brett has made studies with experts on Tantra and Meditation, both of which are daily practices for him. Now he seeks to spread the knowledge and gifts of these practices to those willing and ready to learn. As well as spirituality, Brett has a keen interest in human physical/mental performance and has trained and studied with some of the best in the world in Olympic weightlifting, Muay Thai, powerlifting, nutrition, social dynamics, coaching, improv comedy and more.


Dates: Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August

Hours: 9 - 12PM , 2 - 5PM (Maybe we will go a bit over time, especially on the last afternoon!)

Location: Prague.


Details about the venue coming soon.


- 197€ for 2 days/person.

- Early bird 170€ if you book before 20 JULY.

- Couple discount 360€ if you come with your partner.

Price does not include food or accommodation.

If you are flying for the workshop, we will add some recommendation for hotel or place to stay in Prague soon!


We have limited space for the workshop.

You can book your spot by contacting us and make your payment by PayPal at:



- Water and snacks.
- Journal, it's nice to take some notes, there will be a lot of information transmitted to you.
- For men, have a set of white clothes;
- For women, any clothes that make you feel comfortable, elegant, and empowered as a woman.

We hope to see you there!!!!